living the ultimate freedom

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living the ultimate freedom
Jouhina news- Sarah Sharief- Los Angeles : These tough times are enough to make any complete woman shake in her boots; every woman should conquer her fears with positivity. Whatever the problem might be, there should be a determination to come over all the obstacles we may face in life rather than crying on some one’s shoulders. Fear of being without a man: Fighting to stand on your feat alone can be a bit scary, especially if you are completely heartbroken or feeling empty or had a terrible breakup, while seeing others having compatible partners. Whatever you may have experienced, the only way to get your strength back is by accepting the fact that it isn’t your time yet and you probably need some time alone to identify your second step, knowing where to go next can boost your self esteem by feeling much worthy again. Gaining your confidence will make others notice you more and opportunities might rise up without putting more efforts. The fact that you just left unfinished business behind you ( broken heart ) doesn’t affect your life from continuing, a lot of girls don’t move on because they either wait for revenge or wait for their ex to come back. That is the worst way to forget someone because ultimately your body will send negative vibes to people around you and your eyes will be blindly drifted to the past unlike your ex whom will be enjoying every minute of the breakup saying to himself ‘’ thank god it is done, she’s desperate’’ . Believe it or not it does show when you’re expecting things to happen because mentally you’ll be more down when things happen not the way you planned. I say each girl should try to win her confident and lose the guy who broke her heart. After all chances are right in front of you, but some girls would be thinking of their past too much that they won’t give others a chance. Stop looking for the one; give him time to look for you. ‘’Every experience we have in life is a lesson. It behooves us to make that effort in order to raise the quality of our lives’’ Cheryl Saban Fear of going broke: A lack of funds is something everyone in the world is worried about these days and it’s easy to spend more than saving as well. I remember years ago people used to save their income for rainy days, well their fears became real. As they say’’ be careful of two things; what you fear from and what you wish for’’. The first problem most women do is that they don’t realize where they spend their money till it is too late to save their accounts from getting broke. Shopping is most women addiction and not only they want the green dress; they also want the red one for Mr. Perfect and the yellow one for first day job. Having economy crisis is not coming out of nowhere; it is mainly coming from your torn pockets. Your bank account is not being bankrupt; it is your bank account that is running away from you. Your car isn’t working not because it is old, your busy coloring the tires rather than changing the engine. If we think why economic crisis has entered our lives, it is because the up sided way we handle things, being busy getting worried about our image in society rather than putting plans to come over our economic crisis. Everyone should come over their fears by handling the situation with Plans A, B and C. it never ends there, it always has a new beginnings. Stop counting the price tag on the shirt you’re about to buy, Start counting your pocket money. Fear from losing your Job: It goes without saying, you need an income in order to survive financially and with rising rates of unemployment and reports of downsizing at many corporations, it’s no wonder the threat of job insecurity is pressing on most people’s minds. I can frankly speak, losing your job whether it is a good job or bad one, it is more like love and hate relationship; the more you love your job, the more chances you might be the next to be kicked out and the other way around. To save your delusions from happening, you must avoid the late wake up and hangovers, you must stick to your job even if it is the most boring job in Universe. The more jobs you change, the less desire other employers have to hire you. Changing jobs would be like changing your tooth paste; the more you brush your teeth, the less there is a desire to eat. Getting fired is not the end of the earth; we can always find new opportunities unlike when you change your job deliberately. Stop counting the minutes you’ll be kicked out, start dialing the numbers to other companies. Living fearlessly means that everything you do pushes you beyond your comfort zone and beyond your fears. Something great could be at the other end, but if you don’t do it, you will never know’’ Gail Belsky Fear of getting old and losing your charm: It is not you who’s getting older, it is your head that is making you live older than your age, I remember a friend of mine used to complain about growing old and she used to live two years older than her age rather living her actual age. If we come to think about it, it is only a number but what make us old or young is our mental status and our actions. Your energy will always be in your body as long as you have motive to shake it a bit. On the other hand, if you think of yourself as old, your mind will trigger some new habits that make you old like watching Golden girl’s episodes and eating yogurt for your bones to hold you from breaking down. I say you should take two steps ahead and bring out all the energy you have to spread your wings on earth. The more you love life, the more life will back you up with energy. Quit having energy drinks and gain your muscles back. Stop listening to Classic music, but start listening to Rock & roll music. If you don’t kick life, life might kick you out, you have to admit it some of it is true. Fear from losing beauty: I think most women fear this the most since they depend on their beauty as a real weapon to success in life. Their pocket money is drifted to that path rather than buying school bags to their children. It is surprising how many shrinks has lost their jobs over the years by leaving space to plastic surgeons. Women feel more confident when their breasts are implanted; their heads have extra extensions, fake eyelashes, eyes lifted and a well recognizable skin colored. Did I miss anything else? I am a woman and tried most of that but got tired by the time to keep that fake beauty stands for me instead of my real personality calls my name. I remember wearing that silly green lances while attending a cocktail party, a gorgeous man walks towards me to tell me that the most beautiful thing he ever saw is the color of my eyes. That minute I wanted to spill my drink in his face. But later on I realized it is not what he said that made me feel bad, it is what made me wore these lances that made me feel bad. An hour later I came back after dropping the lances and deliberately went to talk to him, he looked me in the eye then said ‘’ what happened to your eyes, you’re brown’’ I told him the truth hurts but a lie hurts a lot more. I can frankly tell you being your self is much more beautiful than imitating gorgeous models or bombshell actresses. I am sure that plastic surgeons would be disagreeing on this story I’m about to say, Being a plastic surgeon used to be correcting the default features some people had from accidents or burns or maybe born defaults, while these days the only plastic surgeons we hear about is those who make implants and liposuction. I remember one time I met a lady who wanted to do a liposuction I asked her why would she think about it from the first place, she looked at me back and said ‘’ so my husband will look at me like Angelina Jolie’s body’’ I told her back that ‘’ if your husband has eyes, he would look at you now rather than paying 5000$ to look at someone’s else’’ I was amazed with the brain wash women were drifted towards celebrities and wanted their husbands to be flattered that they look like someone’s else rather than accepting them as they are. The question will be (would Angelina Jolie want to be you?) I can answer that without asking, hell no it would be too ridiculous to be someone else’s when there is a good mirror to look at. I say change your mirror rather than changing your surgeon. And if I may say change your husband if he is willing to pay for you that much of money to look like someone’s he likes.  

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