Superstitious Obsession

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Superstitious Obsession
Jouhina news-Sarah Sharief Whether we like to confess it or not most of us are likely to be suffering from superstition belief or in other words I call it superstition sickness. I used to believe that knocking on wood make evil eye go away or wearing my lucky horse shoe ring will bring me luck, or used to avoid opening the umbrella indoors thinking it will bring me bad luck till I grew up from this phobia and started thinking logically rather than childishly. If we come to think how these beliefs appeared in all societies, it all came from Medieval or even ancient times till it became traditions we must follow. For example, in Greece they break some plates when the groom and bride are getting married in order to send their blissful luck. In other countries they avoid seeing black cat thinking it will curse them, others avoid opening the scissor and closing it for no reason thinking it will bring them pessimism. Many superstitions may seem silly today, but they continue to influence our behavior for silly reasons such as thinking twice before walking under the ladder, Egyptians believe that the shape of the Pyramids has a special power. It was considered very bad luck to break the power of this shape which matches the shape of the ladder. In Roman times people had the habit of looking at their reflections on water (just like mirrors). Some believed that these reflections were in fact glimpses of the soul and any disruption to the water such as a stone being thrown into the pool would bring bad luck. This superstition lives on with the fear of bad luck coming from breaking a mirror. If we speak stupid language then it surely has to do with this superstition; sailors believe starting cruise on Friday and throwing stones into the sea will give their journey good-luck (maybe some naked women will be in the middle of the ocean or dolphins swimming nearby). If we speak Russian superstition, we must know this superstition, you shouldn’t wash your hair the day before the exam because you will fail. If we speak Japanese superstition, we must not go to the bathroom naked at night because insects will fall on us, (I hope not bats). If we speak our grandparent’s language, I am sure you have heard these superstitions when you were 6 years old, wondering why the earth is so complicated. Beware of Friday the Thirteenth: it comes from Adam and Eve who got expelled from the Garden of Eden on a Friday, Noah’s flood started on a Friday and Christ was crucified on Friday. (Now I understand where this movie came from!!) Breaking Mirrors will bring you 7 years of misery. (My room is full of mirrors so I can watch my weight, will I be cursed for 7 years?)   We cover our mouths when we yawn because it was believed that evil spirits could enter our bodies via our mouths. (I understand where they came with this one, it is because someone must had really bad breathe so they made it sound like superstition) That is my favorite superstition if your nose itches you that means someone is thinking of you or in other countries it means you will meet a fool. (My nose always itch me and I always get my phone bill right away) If your left ear rings, someone is saying good things about you, but when your right ear rings someone is saying bad things about you. (What about both ears?? Then probably people are arguing about me) If your left hand itches, you will become rich and the other way around. (But they play poker with both hands, don’t they?? and they always win after itching the dealer’s hand!!) In addition to that, now we can mention the reasons of phobias and where they came from originally; they are all sort of delusions, for example, the fear of being stuck in the elevator or climbing high mountains, or flying by airplanes. Moreover, thinking about these delusions too much can lead to stress then depression then phobia. Most of these delusions can be curable in many ways. For instance, we can follow one way of thinking it is our strength that god gave us (our mind). It is the most powerful tool in Human being for what it has ability to achieve the impossible then make it probable then rotatable. I f we ever try to measure the percentage of how many people believe in this dilemma, in developed countries it’s about 20 to 30 % of population while in other cases like undeveloped countries it’s about 40 to 50 % of population. Deciding whether this is a true belief or a vivid delusion we can come up with this conclusion. For example, a football player tends to wear his lucky shoe thinking he will win in the match, or throwing coins in Fontana Di Trevi can make a wish come true. If we come to think about it logically, we can see things differently. I believe what we think can determine what will happen. When we tend to believe that those Items will bring luck, we tend to trust our actions and be encouraged to move forward. This kind of action and trust can trigger some good movements which might lead us to our main goal. It is neither the lucky shoe that will let us win nor the coins thrown in Fontana Di Trevi will make our wishes come true, it is the thought we hold during our actions which will determine the result. Yes indeed coins thrown in Fontana Di Trevi can pay municipalities allowance, but won’t buy me a fancy car.  

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