Un-evenhandedness the core of all evils

الأحد, 22 كانون الثاني 2012 الساعة 10:07 | , Opinions

Un-evenhandedness the core of all evils
Jouhina news- Riad Matqualoon ,   This is my response to American friends who, un-evenhandedly, commented on what has recently happened in Syria. First of all, my friend, I do not mean any specific person by this review, but I am trying to draw everybody’s attention to the sensitivity of receiving any criticism from a westerner and that everybody should understand how we feel when our Homeland, Syria, is targeted with plots and conspiracies one after another! Of course, I am aware of the possibility of dismissing my review as “conspiracy theory” which I, myself, refuse to justify everything happens in this world by this theory, but it has its own validation once things get to do with the affairs of our region. The massive bulk of the CIA budgets, its staffs and agents justify taking it into consideration when anything should happen in a region that witnessed many wars waged by America. Have a quick look on this timeline of events, just since 2003, and see how much we, in Syria, can achieve in such unfair and unnatural circumstances created by Israel and its American unconditional unbudgeable support: 1) 2003: Occupation of Iraq and within the war and immediately after occupying Baghdad pressuring Syria with ominous threats and accusations.   2) 2004: France joined Americans in pressuring Syria in the French attempt to reconcile with America after the damage of their relations during the war on Iraq. 3) 2005: accusing Syria of the assassination of Hariri; cornering UN Security Council to issue resolutions threatening Syria directly or indirectly. 4) 2006: War on Lebanon and the resistance of HizboAlah, of course with continuation of Hariri’s assassination plot. This war aimed, among what it was aiming, at implicating Syria in hostile acts and threatening her strategic background. 5) 2007: Syria is facing many predicaments including dealing with more than 1.5 Millions of Iraqi refugees that devastated Syrian economy more than it is plagued with America’s so-called “Syria accountability law,” and other American restrictions, blacklisting and other challenges to Syrian economy including paralyzing Syrian airlines. America supported Israel in its air strikes on Syrian territories and accusing Syria with the same accusations of Iraq about the alleged Mass Destructive Weapons. 6) 2008: pressuring Arab countries including Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt and Saudi Arabia to boycott Arab summit held in Syria. Syria is working hard to reverse American measures against Syria including American efforts to disrupt Syrian relations with Arab countries. In 2008 and almost on the eve of American presidential election, American military operation in the Syrian town Al Bokamal on the Syrian-Iraqi borders which aimed at increasing the chances of the republican candidate John McCain for American presidency. This operation aimed at military tension between American army in Iraq and the Syrian forces in order to boost up the American national sentiments which would have given an edge to McCain over Obama. The operation resulted in massacring whole packs of Syrian families just for American election campaign. Syrian blood was shed and no American was held accountable for these crimes; and no “humanitarian compassion” was detected from there, from “the west,” and not even from you, my friend, you who lived among us and who live in a democratic country and can speak up freely and voice, at least, your discontent or even your concern. I am sorry to personalize the issue with you but you are supposed to know how fragile our situation is because of all this injustice, imbalance and these double standards of yours that are practiced here in this region of the world, this practice is the core of all evils in this part of your/our world. 7) 2009: Israelis’ war on Gaza and pressure on Syria because of Syria’s relations with Gaza. 8) 2010: America used Veto to protect Israel concerning its illegal settlements in Palestinian territories. The American administration put itself in a very awkward situation against its ally Mahamood Abbass’s authority in order to satisfy Benjamin Netanyahu who shamelessly exposed Obama’s worries about second term election in the USA and the role of (AIPAC) in any chance of winning the election.   9) 2011: America and Israel with their allies Bandir Bin Sultan and their other reactionary regimes agents in the region were surprised by what happened in Tunisia and Egypt and they work hard to export this chaos experience to Syria. Obviously, the well-orchestrated incidents took place in Syria is beyond being spontaneous acts by persons rushed to the streets demanding some overdue reformations. Again, the west is meddling in the Arab affairs and interfering, this time, in the Libyan problem. I am against Gaddafi and his mockery regime, and I sympathize with the Libyan people, but I maintained that we should leave to the Libyans to deal with their own issues without America’s nose because we do not expect anything good from America or from the west in general. We do not believe that the safety and the welfare of the civilians in Libya motivated America and the west in general to interfere in the Libyan problem. (Sincerely, we dream, or perhaps we shouldn’t, dream of the day when this west moves to do anything to protect or help the Palestinians when the Israelis fight them with the most sophisticated weapons invented, manufactured, supplied and paid for by the west and by American tax payers in particular). After all these plots, do you expect us to work on anything including on democracy? Democracy was compromised in America itself during all its wars especially during the war on Iraq, how do you expect ours to be with all these existential challenges? As you see: We are in war and sometimes we cannot afford lots of what you enjoy in your “democracy” With all my due respects, but I have not heard you saying or commenting on any of these events either because you did not care, which I do acknowledge as your right, or because it is politics and you do not want to meddle in such thorny political issues, which I also acknowledge as your right, but why do you want to talk of politics now?? What is going on in Syria is highly political issue after all. Or perhaps, you did not want to consider saying anything in all these events because you were afraid of the influence of the Israeli lobby in the American life, then you Americans need to re-correct and reform your “democracy,” and you who should be revolting now.   Of course, I recognized you as a friend and not as a faceless “west,” but also you need to know that the Syria security forces are also not ‘faceless’ forces: they are part of our people and an institutional apparatus of our state and no matter how brutal may they get they will not match the Israeli or American brutality in Palestine and Iraq. You need to know the pains and fears that we experience when we worry about our very existence, when such chaos is being attempted to export to our Homeland. I am human too, as you are and I have the right to get angry when I feel others do not understand our existential challenge.   Another point is that you do not need to live in Palestine in order to show your sympathy with the humans oppressed there; it’s enough that they are like you and me: humans. We do not need to visit Japan in order to commiserate with the Japanese plight.   All this timeline of conniving plots, traps and conspiracies could have resulted wars and devastations, but my country, Syria, has chosen to control herself against all these overwhelming storms, but can you guarantee this self-control all the time and from all of us? We are humans like you and we get angry sometimes.   Finally, the question remains: how can you expect anything to be natural and normal in a region that is plagued and mistreated with such injustice, imbalance and double standards practiced by a super power: America? Please, is there any way to shut up the anchors of CNN when they pompously declaim of “democracy” and of “human rights” in our region? Let these anchors whimper anything when a Palestinian family wiped out or uprooted from their Home.  

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