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Jouhina news-Franklin lamb This brief update is not focused on the ever deteriorating grave conditions of Palestinians and Syrians displaced and often trapped inside dangerous areas on Damascus,            ....التفاصيل
Pal. Sisters as Keepers of their Brothers inside Emergency Damascene Shelters
jouhina news, Additional easing of Syrian sanctions is expected by mid-November according to staff at the US Treasury Department’s Office of Financial Asset Control.            ....التفاصيل
White House Expected to Ease Sanctions Targeting Syria …Iran to Follow?
jouhina news : by Riad Matqualoon. I did not pay enough attention to what was happening in Tunisia for many reasons, but one of the most important one was my argument against Tunisian people “We all seek a better democracy,            ....التفاصيل
Popular Demands
Jouhina news- Riad Matqualoon , This is my response to American friends who, un-evenhandedly, commented on what has recently happened in Syria.            ....التفاصيل
Un-evenhandedness the core of all evils
Jouhina news - Basileus ZENO: The first women entered Damascus unveiled Birth: Mar. 12, 1776 Death: Jun. 13, 1839 English Adventuress and traveler, in an age when women were discouraged from doing both. Born in            ....التفاصيل
Lady Hester Stanhope.... The first women entered Damascus unveiled
Jouhina news-Sarah Sharief Whether we like to confess it or not most of us are likely to be suffering from superstition belief or in other words I call it superstition sickness. I used to believe that knocking on wood make evil eye go away or wearing my lucky horse shoe ring will bring me luck, or used to avoid opening the umbrella indoors thinking it will bring me bad luck till I grew up from this phobia and started thinking logically rather than childishly.            ....التفاصيل
Superstitious Obsession
Jouhina news:Sarah Sharief-Los Angeles Do you think Astrology is mainly about star movements or is it about destiny? I’ll tell you how I’ve come to understand it.            ....التفاصيل
?Do you believe in Astrology
Jouhina news- Sarah Sharief- Los Angeles : These tough times are enough to make any complete woman shake in her boots; every woman should conquer her fears with positivity. Whatever the problem might be, there should be a determination to come over all the obstacles we may face in life rather than crying on some one’s shoulders.            ....التفاصيل
living the ultimate freedom
jouhina news.. Sarah Sharief- Los Angeles: The misleading conflict of Sexual desire and the misinterpretation of its violation might lead to series social problems such as, (14 years old girl is pregnant, loss of virginity, suicidal attempts) all these problems might occur when education taken at schools lacks the necessarily knowledge about sex.            ....التفاصيل
Birth control and how do parents perceive it

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