The "Blue Jasmine".. Part 7...

الإثنين, 16 كانون الثاني 2012 الساعة 16:58 | , Blue Jasmine

jouhina news: Steps of planting the ordeal.. Perhaps choosing the places was clever on the geographical side, but who set the plans of planting the ordeal is a genius, and one must admit, our enemies are smart.. and since what is wanted in the south is an ordeal that would lead to creating a sectarian small country, the people of Daraa must be deported, and inflaming a sectarian ordeal on many axes, that's why "Farid Al Ghadiri" started from Washington and on Alarabiya to prepare and instigate, and he was the first to offend the great Syrian revolution leader indirectly, perhaps so he would announce the beginning of the mission, which is directing an insult to "Sultan Basha Al Atrash" in one of Daraa's places through an unknown man and deliver it to "Sweda", and raping a number of female teachers who work in Daraa... the same crime on "Jaramana's" road and in "Artooz" on the road of "Al Sheik" mountain, these are the boarders which were to be announced, beginning from "Sweda" to Jaramana and Kuswa, then up to "Sheik" mountain and the West Biqaa in Lebanon, and in Jordan toward Al Zarqaa to reach the triangle to wns, so the Sunna must be evacuated from these places. In "Jaramana" the Syrian authorities closed the road and blocked it in front of the ordeal entirely by converting the traffic, so in this way it didn't leave the NATO agents a space to start the ordeal... and in "Artooz" perhaps attacking a bus accelerated by taking security measures and the road was blocked in the face of the ordeal as well.,.. in the "Black Stone" area and " Al Qadam", these areas needed to be flamed with ordeal right after inflaming the south, but failing in Daraa stopped the developments in " the Black Stone", as the sectarian conflict should have moved to Damascus gates. In Daraa, the armed groups stopped a buss carrying teachers, but the driver managed to escape despite the bus glass was smashed , and the bus was followed by motorbikes,.... the female teachers survived from being kidnapped and raped.. so the offense by a man anonymous to "Sultan Al Atrash" was a reason for communications between Daraa and Sweda's nobles, which turned into a national unity between the families, so the fail in raping the female teachers completely aborted the ordeal in the south, and instead of bloody war between the families, there was friendly familiar visits. Here, the project completely failed, which was planning for real massacres that would cost the lives of no less than 10 thousand citizens, that armed groups (un-Syrian) were prepared for it, and suddenly, committing the massacre became hard, and with the amnesty which isolated the armed groups and accelerated the purging mission in the area, the entire project fell, but it didn't end.. Three days after the Syrian Arab army entered Daraa, Zion "Haaretz" newspaper wrote that Israel must reconsider the Syrian army's abilities, and the enemies were fascinated by the Syrian army's abilities and the people's strong bonds and the national awareness of the Syrian people, specially in the south.. Note: Through the info i have obtained, it was realized that the US tried refreshing battles from the memory that happened after the Ottoman invasion, and if not for the amnesty and the speed of termination in Daraa, and the people's cooperation with the army, there were terrorist groups of Arab nationalities willing to commit a real massacre, the name of the battles was similar to an old one happened after the Ottoman invasion, and its reason was a woman, Turkey took advantage of the event and exaggerated it for the goal of returning to the mountain, and there was a war, i was unaware of these events of Syria's history, so i discovered later that the enemy not only studied the geographical, military and humanitarian dimensions of Syria, yet even went through the history seeking for incidents that might help in planting the ordeal... i don't have info about "Fuhaida's" wedding in history after the Ottoman invasion, but i know that "Fuhaida's" wedding in NATO's naming, was a massacre within he "Blue Jasmine" project, which means committing a massacre in another village, then another one in another village... the source say: "the reason for the failure is due to centralizing of a security patrol in front of a weapon's warehouse which was going to be used in the massacre, as days after the amnesty, one of the arrested people confessed the whereabouts of the weapons places and they were confiscated"... here the source say: " the amnesty issued by president Assad was like a disaster for the mission, as well as the speed of the termination in Daraa... and recalling history was for the media to take advantage of, in order to market for the Ottoman-ship, as they wanted Erdogan to seem like he was going to cast off the west as they cast him off Damasucs, and rebuild the Islamic state, which Washington made for it many extremists who do not know that Erdogan will become their blood's merchant... They even prepared pre-reports for Al Jazeera about "Fuhaida's" wedding. In the coast, the field was not much dangerous, with bringing in armed groups from Lebanon, and raising sectarian signs.. the street was moved on the hope of provoking the majority (Alawits), in order to leave the Sunna under thier mercy after inflaming the area and exploding the oil refinery in Banias and the oil pipe line and the strategic points which will originally cause a catastrophe, and according to leaked news by Zion strategic sites, the Syrian forces cast off a NATO ship in the Mediterranean, and hacked communications between the NATO and military operation base in Banias, and gave the gangs directions in which they sent them to ambushes and arrested them in a white operation, and according to the Zion site, among the prisoners, not mentioning the NATO commands and Mossad, there was a Jordanian and UAE high rank officers, that Syria didn't declare about, but the UAE foreign minister's 2 time visit to Syria, and later Al Mualem's visit to the UAE , and the UAE kicking off those who flee from the "Blue Jasmine" operation "Ayman Abdulnoor"  according to the Zion site, and kicking of another opposition member. Not long time passed, when the Syrian intelligence forces disassembled the armed networks, specially those which are not Syrian and also communication networks.. until the "Blue Jasmine" operation started to falter and fall. The falling of the "Blue Jasmine" operation.. Once Damascus succeeded in failing the operation, the NATO and US defeat aspect started to show, these aspects represented in these points: Clinton said that Al Assad presented what no other president did, and ofcourse the basic aim is addressing Turkey, Israel and Qatar that the NATO project had failed, and they have to negotiate with Damascus in case they hesitated in attacking it. Obama increased the stress over Israel and said: "Israel has to go back to the 1967 boarders". An Israeli intelligence site leaked information about the "Blue Jasmine" announcing its death, therefore, threatening Arabs that today Syrian uncovered a UAE officer on her soils, and tomorrow she might find every Arab who are involved in attacking Syria if not participate in the next announced invasion. Al Assad brought out his red lines: the Palestinian refugees protested on the occupied Golan boarders with a message of no return from the cause of solving the refugees case, and Syria recognizing the 1967 boarders as a minimum level of accepting the peace. Postponing "Nubuku" project till 2017, which already was postponed after the Lebanon invasion... ofcourse, Nubuku project is the center of struggle. Iran, Syria and Iraq signing an agreement for establishing a new gas pipe line that carries gas from "Turkmenistan" passing the Iranian and Iraqi gas, passing Syria to the Lebanese and Cyprus gas then reaching Greece gas, so this line would become the touchstone after the failure of the invasion on Syria, its costs in the least assumption is the boarders of 4th of June 1967. Al Assad issuing an amnesty on the MBs as a message of having them in the political life if they didn't sell themselves to the enemy, which indicate that Al Assad realized that the failure of the invasion on Syria  means moving to the MBs organization, and moving from Daraa and the Syrian coast to Hama and Jisr Al Shughur. Abdul Halim Khaddam sensing frustration and resort to the Israeli TV (Channel 2) and ask for a Turkish military intervention. Erdogan stops from being the adviser and starts escalations against Syria, yet later says: all choices are open for a military intervention. Lebanese "Al Akhbar" newspaper and New TV stop their direct attack on Syria, and reduce their tone, that some even thought they have shifted. bias sheikh "Qaradawi" keeps low from sight  Al Jazeera broadcast a movie about "Sultan Basha Al Atrash" and call one of the Fridays "Saleh Al Ali" and Washington intellects appear, and the phase of relaxing the minorities begin, in preparation for the next phase of invasion. The stop of "Wisal and Safa" bias channels from issuing "Takfiri" advisory opinions against all those who support Syria, when every day witnessed issuings to kill journalists, intellects or any religious men supporting Syria. The failure of the "Blue Jasmine" in 2011.. The remote reasons.. We can say, the failure of the divisional project in 2006, gave both Syria and Iran more time to become immune, and uncovered the US project publicly, so we notice many remote reasons that participated in burning the project and toppling it... which is After the war on Lebanon, Washington received painful hits in Iraq with Syria-Iran support, which led to scheduling the withdrawal from Iraq, therefore, Washington placed itself in the time factor ordeal, in return, Syria started to realize that the year of the US withdrawal from Iraq is Washington's latest surprises, therefore, she was ready to face it, and not fearing any surprises. The effect of the resistance operations in Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine, gave Al Assad a nationalistic dimension, and popular compassion that no other Arab leader gained, therefore, he strengthen his interior front and became more prepared for the confrontation. The project's failure forced Washington to ease in Lebanon through "Al Doha's" agreement, therefore the Syrian waist side was relieved and ready for anything, and anticipate the events and remove Hariri the son from the government, and during the events, Lebanon formed a pro-Syrian government. Turkey and Qatar widely opened on Syria, in preparation for the coming phase, which prevented the US and European sanctions imposed on Syria after Harari's assassination for effecting the Syrian economy, yet it even granted Syria more time to proved confrontation reserves, that made the confrontation balance year as one of the greatest balances in Syria. Syria started moving east in high levels, which made any future sanctions have limited effects on the Syrian economy, and granted Syria more allies and partners. July invasion failure, and the strategic change, made Israel perform 5 grand maneuvers, plus reservations to protect "Dimona" reactor, which spread in allegation of preventing Gaza's missiles, therefore the enemy was economically exhausted, plus the reduction in the Israeli weapons which forced Washington to raise the Israeli aids to an unprecedented figure. The financial crisis toppled the global economy, and weakened the Gulf countries which payed the bill and the choice of going to war by Washington became suicidal. The North Africa struggle shifted from Alger and Nigeria to Libya and Egypt, and the confrontation circle expanded in front of Washington. The failure of toppling Bella Russia and blocking the gas from Germany and signing the agreements of the "Nord Stream" which weakened Germany's role in the crisis completely. The aggravation of the Euro zone crisis, and the American became in confrontation with time. The Chinese climbed up the economy ladder, and shifted from being the silent country to the confronting one and the rejected of the US dictations despite Washington's attempts shift the conflict to the Koreas and Taiwan and other fronts, Yet Washington faced confrontation with her allies, as the Japanese and North Korean PMs resigned due to the US presence in the area, therefore the confrontation papers in Asia flipped.  The direct reasons: The Syrian leadership wisdom which imposed complete calmness in dealing with the events through not going toward the trap, yet by bringing the enemy to the trap, therefore, commencing unexpected moves like setting comprehensive political reforms, and no reactions actions, issuing a general amnesty for those surrendering their weapons, therefore, all done by the Syrian leadership was unprecedented actions by the US administration. The Syrian Arab army's power who won battles in record time with few casualties, which made the Zion press say that they must recalculate the Syrian army's abilities, who managed observe, plan and execute in high precision. Security measures prevented exaggeration of the sectarian stress, and blocked the way in front of many issues. Unprecedented popular awareness, which participated in ending the conflict and aiding the Syrian army and security forces. Clergy men anticipating the dangers and performing a national role  that helped strengthen the national unity, and blocked the road in front of bias sheikhs. Abolishment of the media war and confronting it through disassembling and refuting lie calls and deception. The entrance of the youths to the battle field and forming the "Syrian Electronic Army", and shifting the conflict from the Syrian fields to the other fields, therefore blocking the road in front of USA to form a general opinion against Syria. Investing the time factor in the conflict, as Syrian realized that the time factor is US weak point. Syria entered the confrontation alone, and exit it alone, therefore until the US project failure, Syria didn't need any political position from her allies, and didn't use her influence and preserved all her strength papers... therefore the enemies lost the ability on finding the Syrian reaction, which made them in a phase of worry and constant flinch... we can say: Syria closest allies showed their position of the crisis after the "Blue Jasmine" failure, and the Turkish entrance to the conflict field, which assures that Syria was holding still and forcing her enemies to act in a reaction.  Washington relying in the region on a group of corrupted people participated in leaking many information for Syrians, therefore Syria left many question marks that had a role in the field missions from one side, and distracted the enemies and planted the "untrust" in them from the other side. Washington relying on "Takfiri" cells that she completely lost control over them, leading to irrational steps that participated in exposing the project publicly. End of part 7.. In part 8:  Preparations for the next phase of the invasion on Syria... and the failure of the revenge for the "Blue Jasmine" failure..? by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news Translated by Janet Fakhoury

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