?The "Blue Jasmine" .. Full secrets .. Appendix 5 ... War of energy... Erdogan fights for 5 Billion m3 of gas

الأربعاء, 18 كانون الثاني 2012 الساعة 12:03 | , Blue Jasmine

jouhina news We said before, that the US war targets the energy, as it is on the near extend, a gas war, and on the far extend, gas and oil war ... Five decades from now, most of the world's oil will be in the Caspian sea and the Arctic ocean, and the war on oil in the Caspian sea and the Arctic do not need clarification, as everybody knows that the Gulf oil in 50 years nothing will remain of it that would cover the demand on oil, but many also requested clarification on the gas war.. so here's a glimpse about this war. War of energy.. This time, i will not go back to 1994 to illustrate the dimensions of the EU decision, depending on gas, which is Algologie clean fuel, but let's see today, when most of the world depend on gas as a basic choice and as an alternative to the clean energy.. so what happened? and did the gas became as a competent to oil, after large amounts of it was burned in the air? - Europe used to depend on coal to generate electricity, and now it depend on gas, in the shadow of increased demands of electricity. - Most of the group transportation methods (buses) in Europe depend on gas, also in Syria, soon there will buses run by gas. - The biofuel (Green Bio-Diesel) and the Bio-Gasoline became a basic part of car fuel in Europe. - Many countries started manufacturing cars that work on gas. - Home heating shifted from Diesel and Coal to gas in Europe, and many countries, including Syria, started encouraging people to use heating through gas, and gas stoves became available and in good prices. This map shows the countries that signed the Kyoto protocol, which are the countries that would witness an increase in consuming gas on the account of the oil, countries in green signed the Kyoto  protocol, countries in gray did not decide, while countries in Blue refused to sign.   As an illustration, The US is one of the rich countries in gas , yet even though it did not sign the Kyoto protocol, it is the world's largest consumer of gas, followed by the EU, and the percentage of the Russian gas in the European market is 25% more than the federation's inwards, and Russia is a country that depend on selling raw materials in its economy (gas and oil), therefore, if the Russians would lose the gas market, it would lose its economy, and will return to the financial problems vortex, and would be easier to reach the Caspian sea, Sheshnia, and the Arctic ocean's oils, therefore, when the US and France say that the Nabucco pipeline is to reduce the EU's reliability on gas, they say in the same time, hitting the Russian economy and prohibiting it from its important economic incomes, and the Nabucco pipeline is not just to reduce EU's reliability on  the Russian gas, yet a way to bring Russia back to chaos, this is why Russia considered the Nabucco pipeline as an aggressive act against her, therefore, to obtain the oil of the Arctic ocean and the Caspian sea , Russia must be inflamed from within, and to inflame it from within, they have to cut its financial resources, and re-inflame the Islamic areas in Russia (Sheshnia and Dagestan), after igniting the sectarian wars in the Arab countries, specially in Syria. War of gas.. To not have it included in the conspiracy theory, i will mention some examples for the reader, and he will have to understand it as he wishes, but before that, let's remember the gas countries around Turkey, which is targeted by Nabucco pipeline to drag gas from them to Turkey to Europe (Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, East Med between Lebanon, Palestine and Cyprus and finally the Egyptian gas), so let's note the following: Turkmenistan's gas must pass through the Caspian sea , and Azerbaijan gas cannot pass through Armenia, due to the conflict on Nagorno-Karabakh terretory between Azerbaijan and Armenia, so the only solution is the passage through Georgia.. so, indeed the Nabucco gas pipelines had been set in Georgia years ago.. but what happened?.. Abkhazia and south Ossetia declared their independence from Georgia , as the Georgian army entered Abkhazia , so the Russian supported the republics independent from Georgia, and the Russian army reached the Georgian capitol Tablisi, and before they have returned, and during the Caucasian war, not one single trace of the Nabucco pipeline was left un-destroyed in Georgia, as the Russian army destroyed it all, and after that, in a short while, Azerbaijan signed a strategic partnership contract with Russia, and "Broom Gas" comapny stopped extracting the Russian gas , and started buying the Azerbaijani gas, plus buying large parts of the Turkmenistan gas. With the fall of the Blue Jasmine in Syria, and postponing the Nabucco pipeline from 2014 till 2017, the EU talked about supplying a gas pipeline from Turkmanistan through the Caspian sea, then the US president supported a gas pipeline through the Caspian sea, but the Russians wondered about the US declarations as the Caspian sea boarders were not legally affected, and here it forms a problem, as if the Caspian was a sea or a lake, and there was a dispute about sharing the sea between the Soviet Union and Iran, now it became part of five countries that overlook the sea, and these difficult legal issues will not be settled as long as there is an American dream to supply the gas through the Nabuku line, which Iran and Russia object.   More about the war of gas... 1- When Russia entered the investments in gas projects in Nigeria,  US newspapers attacked the Russian entrance, and considered it as over-passing the west's interests , and when an agreement was signed between "Broom Gas" and Nigeria, one of the Russian newspaper's title was (Moscow is progressing in achieving Brussels's nightmare), and only few days past on signing the agreement, until fierce sectarian acts began in Nigeria, perhaps it is a coincidence and not a US plot according to US intellects in the region, but Washington Post articles and Russian Gazettes are there... and it is a declared war of gas. 2- Putin's visits, and his friendships with Berlusconi which ended in buying half of the share of "ENI" Italian company in Libya, and then Putin's visit to Libya and signing many contracts, perhaps are not the reason of manifesting Berlusconi's sex scandals, and attacking Libya when Gaddafi announced his intention supply a coastal pipeline and support the grand Sahara's pipeline.   As for Egypt, i have talked about it in detail in appendix 1 ... Egypt, after extracting gas in the Zion entity, and the passage of the Iranian gas in Syria will lose the Syrian and Zion market, and all she have left is Jordan which Israeli might also compete in, so, when the Nabucco project failed, Egypt faced options, either dragging gas toward Libya, or join the Iranian gas pipeline, as the Egyptian gas reaches Syria, or liquidizing  the gas and moving it by carriers, then she will be under the mercy of those who are able build facilities to liquidize the gas, because it is not economically possible to supply an Egyptian gas pipeline to the EU, this is why Egypt faced challenges which might be dangerous to her future, which Hussney Mubarak realized... but it was too late. 3- Nabucco pipeline was decided to work in 2011, or 2012 at most... and after the failure of war on Lebanon, it was postponed to 2014, and after the failure of the Blue Jasmine in Syria, it was postponed again to 2017, ofcourse, it might be a coincidence, but it is not a coincidence the Israeli talk about extracting gas, when some were delusional to think that Syria is about to fall. Outline..   War of energy, is a declared war on the US and Russian media, and who ever say that all the above and previous info are part of the conspiracy theory, no need to reply to him, as the war of energy is facts and not leaks and not eye witnesses, and the gas company refusing to extract the Zion entity gas after warnings from Sir, Hassan Nasrullah against excavation acts for gas in the benefit of the Zion entity, which makes the equation the following: - Middle Asia's gas (Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan) cannot be reached, specially after the Caucasian war and destroying the Nabucco facilities in Georgia, and the hard-to-solve Caspian sea issue.   - The Mediterranean coast gas is hard to be reached  without occupying southern Lebanon, and destroying Syria, but the destruction failed and the occupation in 2006 and 2011 failed too. - The US could not obtain Iran gas, and Iraq gas is still among the dispute between the Kurdistan government and the Iraqi government.. the question remains: is the passage of supplying the gas is safe? and is it hard to hit as the gas supply to the Zion entity was hit in Egypt amid Turkey's unrest and her war with the PKK, and amid the signed agreement between Syria, Iraq and Iran to supply the Iranian gas to Europe, all that leave two choices:   1- Turning Syria into a gas passage to Europe, therefore, Europe will not support any Israeli war in the future, and will become Internationally isolated, and the peace in the region will become a strategic option to Europe..   2- the US would commence a deal with Iran on the account of the Zion entity.    And who would think that Russia is willing to give Syria up , or that US is about to wage war in Syria, is delusional... and who would think that Erdogan is fighting for Ottomanship and not for 5 Billion M3 of gas, which is the price of passing gas through Turkey, is also delusional... and who would think that there is hope in making Syria fall... is also delusional.   Turkey enters fate deciding phase.   At the end of 2011, which is weeks from now, the Russian contract of supplying gas to Turkey will expire, and Russia is refusing to extend it without guarantees of no selling, and the Turkish company refuse to grant those guarantees, so the Kurdistan Falcons organization can bomb and attack Turkish forces, with Turkey's knowledge, so Turkey would accuse PKK and wage campaigns and raids over northern Iraq, and the Turkish target remains the attempt to supply a secure pipeline to move gas from north Iraq to Turkey..    So the Turkish army's raids in northern Iraq were attempts to destroy the PKK so they can pass the gas, no more, no less... and it is unknown if Erdogan's call with Putin to solve the issue of extending the Russian gas contract had reached a conclusion,, but what is certain, is that Russia will not offer waivers with the Turkish raids northern Iraq, and will not offer waivers in the gas contracts for the US missile shield in Turkey, and Iran who obtained from Russia a security partnership which the Iranian newspapers described as "Strategic", are no more than the price of not increasing the Iranian gas supplies to Turkey which bonded herself with the American project... And Syria offered economical waivers to Turkey, same did Russia, so that Turkey would not enter the American project, but Turkey insisted on entering , and now she is facing either the choice of betting on the US and loose what she owns, or the choice of returning to the Russian-Syrian-Iranian lap... therefore, Turkey might have entered a fate deciding phase, as any step she may take after now, might not be able back from it.. as what was offered to her to abandon the US project, will not be repeated when the project fall. by Kifah Nassr , Juhaina News  Translated by Janet Fakhoury

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