The "Blue Jasmine" .. Full secrets .. Appendix 8 .... How were the agents recruited... and who flee outside Syria from them..?

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johina news Recruiting agents is a complicated issue that is hard to simplify and follow, the reason is the formal recruitment of the Blue Jasmine agents began in 2001, despite the presence of a number of agents before this  date, and many forces, centers and tools participated in it... but with the failure of the war on Lebanon in 2006, and the decision to postpone the Blue Jasmine to 2011, Washington lost some of her papers and rephrased the project, so, instead of looking into complicated details (riot creation cells, killing cells, dispute creation cells... and some organizations.. and so on) we will mention some live models that escaped, knowing that recruitment operations were performed by the participation of 5 Arab intelligence services, while one Arab security service was found for this operation, The Arab security services were moved as tools by Washington and Tel Aviv... Many European countries participated, and even the cultural centers were used for this operation.   Here we mention three models of the agents who stimulated the riot, as we already explained some info about building Takfiri cells, specially that a large number of those Takfiri cells fell in May 7th in the middle of Beirut , some of them were trained in Egypt and the other were trained in Saudi Arabia.   Note: In comparison between the expenses of the war on Iraq which exceeded 3000 Billion Dollars, and the expenses of the Blue Jasmine which did not exceed 30 Billion Dollars, it was obvious that the difference is immense, yet the spending was scarce, except for some people, which insures that the Israeli Mossad was the master mind and the executor for most of the recruitment operations, plus the NATO intelligences, quite the contrary to the CIA that pays generously, while the Mossad rely on the policy of blackmail, but Washington paid generously to those who form organizations in 2001, and later after the assassination of Hariri, while many of NATO agents only got fractions.   Agent Tamer.A  - to form cells.   A western cultural center in Damascus expanded its cultural activities to several governorates, especially after the visit of this country's president to Syria, and through a group of girls sent to the cultural center followed to this country, the center's intelligence services started their work, and the girls work was to enter the social lives of activists from various parties and nominate people as intelligence agents, in the same time, studying the demographic reality of the people, and their entrance to the environments of those calling for a civil society, maybe proves the coordination between the US and European intelligences... and among those girls who managed make wide relations, was the young girl "Laurance. R" who became a friend and a teacher, and recruited the young man "Tamer.A" who in turn nominated for her a number of young men to contact... she used to go with him to visit those friends, and then go visit them alone, even though she did not wear sexy clothes, so that she do not get suspicious, but she was generous with her body to those she decide nominate for work, and few months later to her business, a blond European intelligence officer arrived, carrying a passport that indicate he is her brother, his name was "Paul.R" ... Paul met with those nominated by Laurance and Tamer, he accepted some and declined the others, and started working on forming opposition political cells... and "Tamer.A" started participating in demonstrations, and expand his activities until he presented a theatrical play on the stage of the same cultural center, and then became a political activist... but with the failure of the invasion on Lebanon, he had to wait, and before the approach of the year 2011, the operators withdraw "Tamer.A" from Syria for unknown reasons, and perhaps the Syrian intelligences breached the work of this European intelligences, he was moved to Europe, and instead of guiding the uprising in 2011 in Syria, he was there on opposition news channels as a Syrian director, as for "Laurance.R" she was moved to Afghanistan.   After moving him to Europe, "Tamer.A" started working with the intelligence officer who visited Syria, and when the officer decide to send money or weapons to Syria, it was all sent under "Tamer's" name, and for the Syrian authorities, who is sending the money and weapons is a Syrian man, and behind him is an intelligence officer... it was known later that this man's name was mentioned in the confessions of one of the Jisr Al Shughur massacre perpetrators, as a financier who sends money and weapons, knowing that this man used to work in Syria as a florist ...   Important note: Agent "Tamer.A" is a model of creating announced political cells, and practice on demonstrations and creating intellects for nothing, through turning a florist into a theatrical director (the kind similar to those performed by school students), and financing this man with a huge amount of money to produce this small play, but what is important is that creating an opposition intellect who is originally uneducated, definitely have in his back an intelligence man who run and order him.   Agent "A.F" from the second line of the field work.   He was among hundreds of Syrians who obtained a visa to the US, and in the US embassy, there were experts who decide to whom should the visa be granted to go to Washington, many had been chosen, but not all of them were not recruited, as some of them died in mysterious ways, and some were hard to recruit, and some were neglected, among them was agent "A.F" who is one of those who flee from the Blue Jasmine ops.   Note (1): What was leaked by Filkka Israel about 18 security keys, that only "Ayman Abdulnoor" survived of them and flee to UAE, then the UAE kicked him out... this story is true, as Abdulnoor is from the first line leaderships, in fact, there were agents sent from abroad, and part of them escaped, and the agent "A.F" is among those who escaped, as when the Syrian Arab army entered Daraa, and the amnesty was issues, and a number of armed men surrendered, his operators asked him to leave Syria, here, i remind you that the amnesty issued by president Assad was a fatal hit to the "Blue Jasmine".   Returning to the agent "A.F", and after he left Syria, he was subject to interrogations by the CIA which was running the whole thing on the ground, and suddenly they discovered that the Syrians were running the game, and none of Washington agents were trust worthy to the CIA which is rebuilding its entire structure, and still investigating in what happened to figure the breach place.   Note (2): In order not to be unfair to the expatriates in the USA, we must draw the attention to the way of electing the nominated people to work with the CIA, as visas were randomly granted to cover the process of granting visas to elected people to work with the CIA, the elected people who were granted visas were for example (demobilized officers , retired officers, left-wing extremists, semi-educated or neglected intellects) among those, the CIA conducted a filtering process to mark the people who are going to be a target for recruitment by various means, this is why we cannot include all the expatriates whom we respect and admire, and not all the retired officers who went there, knowing that one of those who were granted the visa died in the US suddenly , and perhaps he was a hard target for the CIA.   US agent "A.F" who reach Washington and enjoyed the difference of the currency for about two years, his visa was expired, and he found himself the victim of a great plot, as he was imprisoned and lost his job, and he owed tens of thousands of US Dollars, and pressure was set on him by CIA agents of Arab origins, and he only went out of jail when he became an agents, so he started his training, and came to Syria and made social relations based on his financial generosity, exactly as instructed by the Americans, and when Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006, he was working on the ground, instigating and preparing to what is next of the invasion, which is the civil war, but Washington was not meant to continue her project , so he was withdrawn from Syria, then trained on the highest levels, and became an important security key... and with the beginning of the execution of the Blue Jasmine in Syria, he was present on the ground, and had a network to spread rumors and work from place to place, thinking he is safe and away from sights of the security.   Agent "A.F" succeeded in forming a network around him through instigation which he was trained about by senior psychologists in USA, and those he was unable turn into an opposition, he tried isolate them from supporting the Syrian regime, but when the basic work began, as hour "zero" started with the entrance of the Syrian Arab army to Daraa, the Americans were surprised that the army and within hours managed to enter the city, and started confiscating the weapons ditches.. An order had been given to agent "A.F" to escape from Syria quickly and suddenly to be punished by Washington whom did not know until now if he managed escape or the Syrian intelligences let him escape, the US will admit one day that the Syrian intelligences damaged their work in the area.    The safe environment for agents (the announced and unannounced cells)   Note: The unannounced cell, is a group of people attached to a direct agents of one of the intelligence services which participated in the invasion on Syria, it is an unannounced cell, as it is not linked to any political organizational relations, yet it is a social relation, based on charity and respect to this person, therefore there is a group of people that owe a certain person (a charity man or a generous one), and one day this person will ask those people to repay him for what he gave them, and the unannounced cell in the CIA work, is a big-in-number cell, its members reach 50 people that at minimum 10 of them can be moved at zero hour, this is a model adjust a safe work atmosphere, as each agent makes his own safe atmosphere to move in a cautious way to not draw attention to him.. Creating these cells was done after wide training to elect the families that he is going to work among them, and creating the safe atmosphere was according to those measures:   1- The elected family has no less than 2-3 men in it. 2- The financial status of the family is low, or a poor family, so that it could be easy to breach by lending them money. 3- Their relations to the government’s institutes is far.   The duty of the agent toward these families:   1- Offering services for free (a car lift, inviting them for fun visits, and so on)... 2- Offering money as loans but without demanding the return of money, and the money would be on small installments. 3- Presenting valuable gifts in social events, preferably the gifts are money (a wedding gift, berth gift.. etc..). 4- Gaining the full trust of the family (away from politics, not an opposition member, do charity for God's sake and not ask for returns, loyal to those families)..   The duty of the agent in zero hour:   1- Spread rumors between people.. 2- Confirming the false news broadcasted by the media. 3- Spreading news that doubt the media and confirm the rumors, for example (Mamoun Al Homsi would talk on Alarabyia about 3000 fighters from Hizbullah present in Daraa, so this agents would talk between the people that he received info today that the rebels arrested three Iranian snipers in Daraa who were killing people as the Syrian army refuse to shoot them, the movie will be aired in the right moment.. ofcourse this method in spreading the rumors is based on complicated studies in psychology, as the receiver heard  some news from a trusted person, and since the news is confidential, it will be spread confidentially, and since the media talked about 3000 fighters, this means that there are really fighter... the exaggeration in the media is done, and in the same time the citizen would doubt the unity of the army, and this method was followed by the CIA widely in their work, until the Syrian street is ruled by rumors. 4- Covering the real news about the demonstrations ( as the essence of creating the sectarian conflict will be done by Takfiri groups, but they might raise slogans offensive to certain sects, as the U.S  do not have control over these cells, only militarily, and the news about those cells must be locked until the sectarian killing start, for this reason, the agents had to cover on these news until the zero hour, then the agent would start the sectarian instigation... as at the beginning they will bring the people to the streets in demonstrations, then they will run these demonstrations, and the beginning will be by raising patriotic signs and slogans, and when the order comes to move the conflict into a sectarian one, these demonstrations will be lead to another place).. 5- Urging people to participate in the demonstrations by calling those who were attracted to go to places of demonstrations, as they will be as spectators (ofcourse once the third party "agents" enter the demonstration field and kill the demonstrators, the spectator will become a cause carrier and a protester). 6- Those that are hard to bring to the streets as protesters, are being isolated from the regime, by making them adopt a neutral position that deprives the leadership from supporter. 7- Adopting a war media between the people through spreading despair in the hearts of the people, intimidation and spreading information that the regime will be overthrown no matter what. 8- The most important in the work of those agents, is that they are trained to deal with each category of the people, each in a certain smart way, as the agent is submitted to intensified training that allow him to become sectarian with a certain party, and secular with another and religious with a third. 9- The agent, in addition to building those social unannounced cells, is concerned in building announced organized cells, secret cells that are elected from within the families that he worked with, on a condition that he be cautious, and it is thought that among those cells, snipers are being elected whose mission is killing protesters. 10- The most dangerous in the work of those agents is what is called "Traumatizing Intellectual Shock", this aim to break the intellectual basis, for example (the countries that signed a peace treaty with Israel, its security services spread rumors between the people in the way of the "Trauma" by using a person who spoke out loud like saying "the Palestinians sold their lands to the Jews, and collected the price, we are not going to defend them our entire lives, we are bored, we want to live, feeding my children is important than the Palestinians", using this way, this person breaks the essence of the battle in the mind of the citizen, and turn him from an enemy of Israel, into an enemy of the Palestinian people)... this trauma methods were used widely in the Syrian street, for example (When someone say, that today an Aljazeera film was being discovered as fraud, the response from the other side would be "There is only Bashar Al Assad as president in Syria, if i could i would fabricate movies", so this would turn from an invasion to divide Syria, into a personal issue with the president, as it is a question that could break the awareness, and the person would see the regime in Syria as it is the president, in this way, all who defend the Syrian unity, would defend the Syrian president, not the regime or its policy.. It is not a secret that the media war was targeting the president Bashar Al Assad personally, only to blind the citizen from the essence of the real conflict, and the most important is to drag the citizen to the bias brainwashing media that isolate this citizen from the national media, but even this had failed in Syria, and the citizen defended the president personally, and ofcourse the main reason is the social, political awareness that the Syrian people is known for, quit the opposite than most of the people of the region, as the Syrian street is  mostly a politicized street, and now, the duty of each and every citizen is to inform about any person that spread rumors, as the unity of Syria will remain the most important, and to block the way in front of the U.S in the future. 11- Distributing medicines of the type of the  (Allisr) acid, and its alternatives, sometimes as painkillers, and other times as steroids, and in various means, these medicines aim to make the protester feel ecstatic that makes him lose conscience, so that the demonstration would turn violent that would lead to shedding blood and planting ordeal between the citizens and the security members for the aim of expanding the demonstrations... these medicines were used in the civil war in Lebanon which were distributed under the name of "Rahbnol", and armed men called it "Saliba" pill (cross pill) as it had on it a cross that would make it easy to break into four parts, and most of those who took it in Lebanon end up addicted to drugs.   Of all above, we find that the agents who run the demonstrations are elite, trained highly and professionally, and with their going from Syria, the demonstrations stopped and was limited to Takfiri cells and the areas were armed cells are presents... which indicate that Washington withdraw her leading agents who were not arrested of those highly trained, as they can be invested in other places, and left in the streets those whose roles ended and had to get rid of them and use them to the far extend.   Important note: agent "A.F" is a model of a security expert that interfere to make the events, while agent "Tamer.A" is a model of those who would move in the street, and "A.F" is a model of those who would work in the field amid the move, and activate the street, and back the demonstrations with more people, and this category is the most dangerous of all agents who work in the site in a field way.   The U.S agent who is recruited in Saudi Arabia "M.S"   Agent "M.S" is not different from agent "A.F" except that his communications with the US are not direct, but through a third Saudi party, and this kind of agents is the most dangerous as it is trained in Saudi Arabia, and have no direct communications with the US, therefore, he is hard to fall in the hands of the Syrian intelligences, and had worked on the Syrian soils for a long period of time that exceeded 4 months, and used his profession in the attempt of recruiting people, performing the same work done by agent "A.F"... but the failure of the US project in Syria, turned the magic on the magician, and this agent's life became as hell, as he was fought by all those he took advantage of their poverty before he ran away to Saudi Arabia, maybe because of the failure of his job, and the people's pressure on him, or maybe he was uncovered... but it is certain that Washington withdraw all her important agents, and left the neglected ones, those she do not need of the armed cells who are not linked to the her directly, but through a third party.   It is worth mentioning that recruiting agent "M.S" had been done through Arab sides that lured him to prostitution houses and wine placed which is the wanted prohibition in Saudi Arabia, and had entered the world of plotting against Syria through fear from scandal and copied tapes and financial temptations.. this agent was sent to Syria and tried to mingle in the cultural society through establishing a photographic exhibition and participating in activities of the cultural centers.   Washington withdraw all her important agents   Since it is a very delicate issue, we will just content with the mentioned examples, which are real characters had a role next to the Takfiri cells and the armed gangs, but with the failure of the project, the agents and the political leaders escaped, those whose role was to activate the demonstrations, and who are left on the ground are just the armed gangs, this is why the demonstrations reduced all over Syria, except in the areas with the influence of the MBs and the armed gangs.   Here i repeat that Washington and her allies withdraw all their main agents except military cells that they are not going to use again, meaning they became burned cards after the breach done by the Syrian intelligences to the NATO intelligences in Syria, and those cells have to be exterminated from one side, and to keep the situation in Syria unstable for the longest period possible at least to negotiate with Damascus on some regional cards, and to cover the US withdrawal from Iraq...   by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina News.  Translated by Janet Fakhoury

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