The "Blue Jasmine"... Full secrets.. Appendix 1

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jouhina news We can summarize what's happening in Egypt in this story: There was a village that used to bury gold along with their dead, then came a bandit that opened the graves, stole the gold and re-buried the dead, and when the bandit leader died, no one mourned him, but the bandit leader's deputy changed the strategies of the bandit, he started digging graves, steeling gold and leaving the dead out of their tombs, so the country's people said... "Hussny Mubarak" was burying the dead after steeling them... who came after him left the dead out of their tombs. In Hussny Mubarak's era, the Arab League was handicapped, as the UNSC was in the Soviet Union's era, but, after Mubarak, the Arab League turned into a NATO tool run by Qatar... So what's the story of Hussney Mubarak? and did the people start to have mercy upon who besieged Gazza? Hussney Mubarak and the Blue Jasmine in 2006 I mentioned earlier that Hussney Mubarak was under great pressures, started with the US support of movements opposite to the Egyptian regime, topped by Ayman Noor, and a media pressure by Al Jazeera, the pressures started in 2000 and stopped with the trial of Ayman Noor when Mubarak submitted to the US terms, and conspired on Lebanon and Syria in 2006, and on Gazza on 2008, yet he was the spear tip in the US-Zion project in order to preserve his place.. We all recall what was leaked about training 5 thousand mercenaries followed to Al Hariri in Eygipt during Mubarak's rule and before the Israeli invasion on Lebanon, yet despite all those pressures, the Arab League did not turn into a tool for the NATO, but was crippled during the invasion on Gazza and Lebanon. When the invasion on Syria was postponed till 2011 Hussney Mubarak realized  -specially after May 7th events in Lebanon- that the US project is staggering, but with the upcoming events, Mubarak realized that Egypt is to face horrific dues, i have mentioned earlier that Mubarak sold gas to Israel in cheep price to prevent Israel from signing a gas contract with the "Blue Stream", and due to Qatar implying to sell gas to Israel, and the future of Egypt gas was not the only crisis, yet there was new challenges from the south, as Mubarak realized that Egypt is not far from being divided synchronized with the US movement in the Nubian areas, and the approach of the Southern Sudan problem and intensification of the danger on the Nile river future, not mentioning the wheat crisis that Egypt went through.. Mubarak changing his strategy.. Mubarak decided to tell USA: "Go fight, and when u triumph.. i will follow you"... and he decided to place a leg in Russia and the other in USA, hoping he could be able face challenges that it might be impossible to face, and reopened the relations with Russia, starting by buying about  1500 Russian cars, to receiving Putin in Cairo, and tried open a news clean page with Iran, as talks had been held to reopen the Iranian embassy in Cairo, and bring back the diplomatic relations between Iran and Egypt. Washington pressing Mubarak.. US has no friends, and Mubarak was only a tool in US hands, and because he decided to violate the US policy, Washington decided to punish him... But Qatar, which participated in blackmailing the Egyptian by waving with the gas contracts with Israel, its news channel Al Jazeera launched unprecedented attack on Hussney Mubarak's regime, saying he is selling the Egyptian gas to Israel in  cheep prices, even though Qatar is selling gas to Europe in even lower rates.. Ethiopia started to threaten to place dams on the Nile river with a US-Zion backup, and sectarian violent events hit Egypt, and explosions hit the tourism in Egypt, plus piracy actions which hit Suez canal revenues.. Hussney Mubarak was under hard pressures before Washington decide to get rid of him as a pretext to invading Libya and Syria... History will mark the the Arab League, after Mubarak's fall, became a tool for the NATO and demanded it's intervention in Libya, as a dangerous precedent. Challenges facing Egypt..  Hussney Mubarak managed present some solutions for the challenges which will face Egypt soon, but today , does the Military council along with Issam Sharaf's government have any solution for the upcoming challenges?.. Perhaps the military council completed some of what Mubarak started, but it is certain that it is not able answer the presented questions.. while Qatar is re-waving the Israeli gas contract issue in order to force the Egyptian government to keep the gas contracts with Israel as is... and instead of investing the needs of the Egyptian gas for a year or two.. the military council delivers the Arab League to the Qatari for free, and do not place any solutions for the Egyptian gas in the future, in case east Mediterranean gas was discovered .. yet it participated in hitting Libya, which is Egypt's only exit in the near future, and it is certain that the military council is unable present any answers about Egypt's future, yet it refuses to recognize Palestine's 1967 boarders.. so that Gaza siege could stay as is.. and what they called a revolution in Egypt, is perhaps a revolution, but it brought Egypt into a dark tunnel in the next coming years, as the only changes witnessed in Egypt int he past, was changes of names only..  by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina News  Translated by Janet Fakhoury

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