The Blue Jasmine .. Full secrets .. Appendix 6... Media deception, between fabrication and war media.

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The Blue Jasmine .. Full secrets .. Appendix 6... Media deception, between fabrication and war media.
jouhina news We start from the end, and the ink of the news leaked by the French media did not dry, the news about French officers training defected soldiers from the Syrian army, and some of the media which are close to Syria published this news, even though it is completely untrue, as the French officers were indeed partners behind Arab and Syrian masks in the invasion on Syria since the beginning of the events, even the French intelligence and since 2002 was working on the Syrian ground, and some of the French intelligence members worked even since 2000, the work was on the Syrian soil in preparation for the Blue Jasmine, and when the French officers started withdrawing from some points.. the news was leaked, and the aim was strengthen the armed men on the ground and inform them that the support is coming, and to dedicate the existence of "defected soldiers"... knowing that the Syrian army did not witness any defections at all, but some soldiers who escaped , which is very normal in the days of peace , and most of who flee did not fights, but escaped fearing to fight, and the average of the escape is normal. The Club Bilderberg gang is very good in lies, and her lies depend on broadcasting false news, that makes the Syrian media in a state of constant self defense, so in the case of the French news, if the Syrians denied it, the French would be free from the Syrian blood, and if they assured it, they would assure the the news about defecting soldiers, which is a lie... and the media war on Syria witnessed two stages of media lies.. the first stage was the execution of the Blue Jasmine operation, and lasted since the beginning of March (three weeks before the events) and until end May, the title of this stage was "deception", and with the fall of the Blue Jasmine, the media shifted from deception, to performing war media that is based on open lies, with the aim of braking the spirit of the Syrian people to become a tool to pressure the Syrian leadership. Media deception.. The media deception relied on the Troy horse policy, and the media was two parts: the first sends information commands, and the second runs the deception war... Alarabiya channel was not the preferred one to Syrians, but the criminal gangs and those who work on the ground were forced to watch it, because the operations command and those attached to intelligence services were using advanced deviced for communication, while those recruited in the streets and the Takfiris take their orders from the media, for one reason, which not the inability to communicate, but to prevent them from watching any other media, while Al Jazzera and New TV were execution tools of the media deception. Horse of Troy.. Al Jazeera was not far from the invasion on Syria, and her delay in broadcasting the news was among the Horse of Troy policy, as she gained her credibility during Egypt events, and neither Bandar nor others threatened Qatar as was leaked from Qatar. yet the delay in broadcasting Syria news was only the Horse of Troy policy so she is with the Syrian regime, and hid what is going on in Syria, and when it start broadcasting , its news become real and do not need verification, and Al Jazeera depended on a very precise deception policy, which worked perfectly in forming a public opinion, but the Syrian media faced her in a professional way, and make her lose the initiation element, and she got flounder in her broadcast, as the Syrian media manged to discover the fabrication. War media.. Once the Blue Jasmine fell, the bias media shifted to war media with one target, which is planting despair in the Syrian people so they feel desperate,  subsequently isolating the president from the people... Example to that, the 17 year-old "Hamza Al Khateeb", as every Syrian know that this young man is 17 years old, and he is not a child, and that he fell during clashes between armed men and the Syrian army when they attacked officer's residences in "Saida" in Daraa, the multi injuries proves that he was shot from several sides, despite all that, Al Jazeera did not stop using his picture, even though it will not affect the Syrians, but using his picture was to deceive the Arab viewer (un Syrian), and make the Syrian viewer think that the battle will not end, and the war is going so that he feels desperate and morally defeated... The war media did not stop at that point, yet in the Friday of Hama events, Al Jazeera broadcasted four demonstrations from four different province, all with the same image and same sound. While Alarabiya was not far from war media, as she gives the terrorist groups information through the media, to shoot in a certain place, and it really happen... then she provides false news in the aim of dragging the army and security forces into an ambush, through broadcasting a command order through the media openly, so the security forces would think it will happen, and when they head to the place, they fall in a harsh ambush, but the war media did not succeed as well, and the world was surprised that the Syrian people who support the president, their numbers are increasing in the streets, and that the security forces are not falling into ambushes, yet they drag them to it. It is worth mentioning that after the end of most of the worrying events, we could point to one of the war media sides, which have not been declared, and kept secret... which is the story of Aleppo, as most of the Syrians noticed the instigation against Aleppo, widely and in a certain period, and who watch Al Jazeera and Alarabiya news and the demonstrators slogans, would think that disasters will happen in Aleppo, but in paradox, and it is not a secret anymore... in those weeks of instigation, Aleppo was almost free from security  forces, and today, after most of the officers went back to their natural work places, we can say that the instigation in Aleppo aimed to reveal to the government that there are surprises about to happen in Aleppo, in order to drag the intelligence service to Aleppo to search for destructive cells to cover on what is going to happen in other places, but the US was surprised that the Syrians did not fall in the trap, yet further than that, and in the Friday of instigation against Aleppo, the Syrian intelligence service was disassembling advanced US communication networks in another part of Syria, and i was unable know this place, but from the total info i can say it was in Homs or Harasta or Douma, as in those places was the command and control centers. We can say: referring Syria's file to the UNSC was only a kind of media, as France realized that the BRICs group and Lebanon will stop any decision, and the Russian abolished the effect of this media, as Russia is the one that asked Syria's friends not to vote so that a double VETO can be used, and uninterpreted. Erdogan wanted to interfere militarily after Jisr Al Shughur events when 120 security members were killed then, and he had failed.. and after Davutoglu's visit to Syria, he realized that intervening in Syria is not possible, and no he is back to threat, as he submitted to the US pressure, and to invest this issue in the media to prevent the armed men from surrendering, so the Syrians and Russian both replied in the "illusion dispersal" operation, when the Syrian army executed a closed military area on the boarders, and through visits of a Russian navy ships to Syria, as a message saying that who think that the NATO and Turkey are capable on intervening in Syria, must wake up from his dreams. Now the AL and the GCC are doing the same media role, after the first change, another is granted and a third one might happen as well to what they called the "observers protocol", but will they dare to sanction Syria? they might be able endure the sanctions on Syria for a month or two, but what if Syria extended the sanctions on her for about six month for example?... will they endure the outcome of the sanction on the Gulf and Jordan??... we will leave it to the coming days, as there are talks about going through sanctions on Syria for about a month, but they are afraid of the Syrian side reaction. The conclusion in the talk about war media is very wide, that we might mention later... but through data we obtained, and through what i saw , we can reach many conclusions: 1- Syrians managed through Addounia TV ans the Syrian Electronic Army to direct painful hits to the war media and expose most of the lies and fabrication... not all of it. 2- Syrian official TV regained large numbers of his viewers by only being a n official media, meaning they did not escalate their tone, even though he have the justifications for that. 3- The Syrian media did not perform any attacks, which is surprising, and all the security forces did, perhaps through the war media, was leaking news to the internet to force the NATO and who's with it to commence communications to verify the news, and once they call, the news become real. 4- We cannot say that the media had done all they can, but they also achieved surprises that are important and fascinating, even though it was not beyond the Levant countries, but all gaps can be overcome during the danger phase, what's important is that in the future we most move to ease things, specially that the national axioms were not axioms to the armed terrorist groups and those recruiting them.  by Kifah Nassr,  Jouhaina News  Translated by Janet Fakhoury

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