The "Blue Jasmine".. Full secrets.. Appendix 2 ... The military intervention on Syria is impossible..

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jouhina news Many wonder, why the Blue Jasmine? .. and why breaking Syria from within only, and not by war?.. this questioning comes from readers side only, order know Syria's destiny in the current crisis, and if there is a possibility to wage war on Syria?.. In this appendix, we will discuss, why the Blue Jasmine and the project of igniting Syria from within, and why the military intervention on Syria is impossible? As i have mentioned in part 1, the war in the front line, is a gas lines war in the near future, to stop the Russian influence in Europe, and later, the Iranian-Syrian influence through the Iranian gas line which we talked about previously.. and oil sources war in the far future, as the Gulf gas in the next 50 years, nothing will remain of it, but few amounts to follow the world's development, the world's oil will be from Caspian sea in middle Asia, and the Arctic ocean, therefore, the first target in this war will be Russia, to stop its influence in Europe through the alternative gas, and besiege it, as it is located near the future oil in Caspian sea and the northern pole, that's why many Russian analysts said: "Attacking Syria, targets Russia, and since declaring the Nubuku gas line, Russia realized that USA do not accept any commercial competitors, and will not hesitate in waving all the choices in the face of his allies through the "Unipolar" policy, as well as the Russians, this is why Moscow considered the Nubuku gas line an aggressive work against Russia. We mentioned that at the beginning of installing the gas networks in Georgia, Abkhazia and south Ossetia declared their Independence from Georgia.. so Georgia waged its war, which forced Russia to interfere and stop the Georgian invasion, and destroyed everything related to Georgian gas.. not one stone was spared from the Nubuku project facilities there, and after Caucasus war, "Gas Brom" signed an agreement with Azerbaijan.. Therefore, touching middle Asia was impossible theoretically, as the US cannot solve its dilemma without Syria or Iran fall, in order to provide the gas supplies from Iran or east Mediterranean before blocking the European gas from Europe, and leave Russia economically suffering from one side, and inflame it through Muslim extremists as Russia host 20 Million Russian Muslims.. So what are the possibilities that US have? The military war option on Syria Not mentioning any allies to Syria, waging war on Syria, means to place Iran in the Russian lap exactly, and in this geo-political science, means Russia reaches the Arab Gulf, a choice which is excluded without the details.. then how would it be with the Syrian-Iranian alliance which could ignite the area, war do not produce extreme Islam that participate in dividing the region, yet it produce Islam resistant to the US project.. moreover, NATO protect Israel, and when the NATO comes to Syria, Syria will not hesitate to expand the war to reach Israel, yet even wipe out Tel Aviv, as Washington cannot fight with Israel publicly.. Here i remind the reader , that Israel did not respond to Iraq missiles launched by Saddam Hussein after the Gulf war, as any war waged by USA with Israel could not have the Arab support, and if few Iraqi missiles excited the Arab street when they fell on ISrael, how would it be with the Syrian missile showers of more than 100,000 horrifying missiles (SS-21, Scud A, Scud C, Iskander) which carries static of 500KG and could reach 1300 KG.. plus, Syria allies in Lebanon, Palestine and in the region will not stand still, as any war on Syria will demolish the US project even if Syria was destroyed. therefore, war on Syria is a suicidal and impossible choice, and allows Syria to wipe out Israel without any reaction from Israel. War on Iran choice.. Contrary to the first choice, in case Moscow realized that Washington approaches its boarders in Iran, and prepares to hit Russia's interests in Europe, shall cover Syria in order to wage war on Israel, and despite the geopolitical dimension, war on Iran means Total War int he region, plus, who spied on Iraq when searching for WMDs, could not enter Iran, and Iran owns three armies (Regular army, revolutionary guards and Basij forces).. therefore, war on Iran is entering a one-year war at least, and its results cannot be predicted with Russia on its boarders.. plus, war on Iran will cut the Gulf oil from Europe, the Euro will fall as well as the EU, therefore, Washington would have delivered the EU to Russia and China for FREE. War on both Syria and Iran choice.. Is the only choice available to USA to avoid any Russian or Chinese escalation or from any other developing country which fear the uni-polar policy and the US domination on the world... but what are the outcomes of the war on both Syria and Iran?? We can summarize Lebanon war in 2006 after the Israeli invasion as war summery, as any total war against the resistance axis might cost Washington its presence in the region, not just in parts of it.. and in case the oil prices went high due to war, the EU will break and Washington would deliver Europe to Russia and China for free.. so will Washington give Russia and China what she is fighting for? therefore, the choice of war on Lebanon, Syria and Iran all together is the best choice for Washington except for the thousands of obsticles facing this choice.. and before Sir, Nasralla and Bashar Al Assad and Ahmadi Nejad's meeting in Damascus, the American realized that any total war in the region could flip the table in his face, and any total war in the world could do the same as well.. therefore, and since the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000, US realized that its project cannot survive without what is called the "Creative Chaose" or the "Arab Spring", which is an inevitable result for hundreds and thousand of expert's studies... it is not a trick. Ofcourse, all the witnessed scenarios were studied since 2000, and with Hizbulla's abilities uncovered, which forced Israel to perform five grand maneuvers, how would it be with the Iranian abilities uncovered, specially the missiles which cannot stop it's flow. Washington's solution is to hit Syria from within and divide it.. Because all the military choices against Syria and Iran are unavailable, Washington resorted to the "Blue Jasmine" project to divide Syria from within.. so with igniting the sectarian civil war in Syria.. the US would not only destroy the Palestinian cause, but would dominate the important strategic passages in the world, from Ukraine down to Syria, then to Tunis.. the only obstacle he will face is Bella Russia and Algeria which will be a foregone conclusion for the creative chaos, and with the sectarian chaos, Washington would ignite Russia and China with Takfiri Islam, therefore, the creative chaos project was the only solution for USA through igniting the world and rearrange it ... but the project fell after the invasion on Lebanon in 2006, and after the invasion on Syria, and the American is not racing time, and any move he take.. he cannot back from. Note: For this reason, the military and NATO intervention on Syria is impossible, and for this reason as well they tried involve Erdogan in Syria, but despite all the pressures on Turkey, it did not dare interfere with a buffer zone to negotiate Syria about it, which forced the US to resort to the Arab League to cover the US withdrawal from Iraq, and hoping to extend the Syrian crisis until the end of the year and attempt to beseige Syria economically .. which will turn on Washington allies. About the US project future.. We can confirm the US project on Syria fell since the beginning of May 2011, and what followed it was only  political blackmails, like the one happened in Lebanon after the July invasion.. hoping not to end with Gaza war, but the US project was postponed, and what's happening in Syria now is an attempt to besiege it economically and cover the US withdrawal from Iraq.. no more, no less. Therefore, Washington should do the following: 1- Provide gas alternative before 2014 to go on with the project, such as signing a deal with Taliban movement to pass the Azerbaijan gas to Pakistan and move it to Europe, and the talks about opening an office for Taliban movement in Qatar is only part of this project, and perhaps they are trying extract gas from east Mediterranean. 2- provide peace in the region, either by imposing it by force through war on Gaza by Israel, or drag Israel into peace in the region. 3- Planning to divide Syria once more in 2014 and beyond. Therefore, the Arab League decision will only be a grave for the league in the best ways.  By Kifah Nassr, Juhaina News Translated by Janet Fakhoury

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