The "Blue Jasmine" .. Full secrets ... Appendix 4 ... World government "Club Bilderberg" drew the Blue Jasmine plans..

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jouhina news  Many still talk about the Freemasonry, although any Masonic in this decade, does not equal the price of a document leaked to Wikileaks to destroy his future, or a colored uprising to change his regime.. we can say, that the Club Bilderberg is the real leader of the world, specially after the collapse of the Soviet union, when Freemasonry became a secondary movement for the world's tyrants, and ofcourse, most of the readers heard of what is called "The World Government".. so what is the "World Government" that its name began to show to the world since two years now, which drew the Blue Jasmine plans starting from the assassination of "Rafiq Al Hariri" to the attempt to divide Syria which failed recently as we talked about, and what is the "Club Bilderberg" which Fidel Castro talked about and many other media people and journalists?   A glimpse on "Club Bilderberg "   Talking about the "Club Bilderberg " is important, to understand many points about the Blue Jasmine and the Arab Spring, as it is the actual leader of the world, not responsible to any people, cannot be judged, and protects its members, like "George W.Bush" who was not charged with the crimes in Iraq.. The "Back Stage" government is the one that dragged France and Germany to enter the US project, so they could have the same outcomes from the EU countries, without the existence of the EU and without the fear of uniting the poor and laborers... Yes, this is the policy of the Club Bilderberg which is not responsible against any people, and perhaps the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations are the first true demonstrations against the world's true tyrants... against the Bilderberg Club.    Before going in details of the Club Bilderberg , we will discuss some information which many people might not have the chance to know of, which are questions about many explosions, such as: the attack on Oklahoma by a bomb explosion, in which the American Far-right were accused of .. the attack on Bali, in which the Islamic terrorists were accused of... The assassination of Rafiq Al Hariri, in which Syria was accused of and later Hizbulla... the attack on the fourth station of the Barajas airport, in which the ETA terrorist organization was accused of... up to attacking the Yazidi Kurds in Iraq and killing 550 people of them.. Al Qaida organization admitted the crime, defending a Muslim girl who's identity is not know till now.   These bombings left many questions written by the writer "Daniel Estulin" and sent to the Cuban president  "Fidel Castro" who published part of it in three chapters in the Cuban journals... and according to what the Cuban president published, and in the last chapter of the "Club Bilderberg" book, about some of the questions left by some of the big explosions, and specially the Oklahoma explosion, Bali explosion and Hariri assassination, as the writer of the Club Bilderberg book see that there are considerable discrepancies in these incidents:   1- Car bombs do not open a volcanic hole in the ground, while this hole only form due to explosions that explode inside the ground (watch the picture below).   2- Using traditional explosions do not lead to burning cars around the explosion place.   3- Traditional explosions do not cause burns to the victims - which is a feature known for the nuclear explosions - as these burns are coming from Thermal Radiation, examples to that, the burns of "Basel Flehan" from the Hariri convoy.   4- Traditional explosions do not lead to Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs) which are able to calcify the circulation printed cards of the computer devices present around the explosion place.   5- How could a steel-made watch melt on the hand of Hariri, while his shirt did not entirely burn? and while his body had sever burns!! ... here lies the secret which proves that the temperature of the explosion was very high during parts of a second, lead to melting the steel-made watch which absorbed the heat and the fabric which was not directly under heat.. did not burn?   6- The amount of damages had the advantage of the marks caused by at least 10 bombs like the ones used by the aviation recently, each of them weigh 10 tons, or which is caused by a "tiny nuclear bomb" programmed to explode in it own power, which means 0.1 kilo tons, therefore talking about 100 tons of TNT... so now.. is it possible that a small truck to carry 100 tons of explosives, while its payload is not more than 2 tons?   7- Why was there Uranium radiations on the bodies of the Hariri convoy victims? as the French journalist "Thierry Meyssan" reported the presence of radiation marks over "Basel Flehan" body, assuring that the explosions happened using a missile carrying Uranium, therefore, he reached the same results which Daniel Estulin talked about, that exposed the Bilderberg Club.   Ofcourse, the answer to these questions, that these bombs are only owned by countries like Russia, USA and some advanced countries, which are tiny nuclear bombs, that generate massive heat during parts of a second, and able perform an explosion that needs 100 tons of TNT, and could be present in a missile that is not more than 60CM long, and all the previous explosions that we mentioned, had been done by the Bilderberg Club... each explosion had a political aim, for example, the Oklahoma explosion was a reason to issue the law on fighting terrorism which turned into the "Homeland Security Act"  after the September 11 attacks, and stripped the US citizens from all their constitutional rights, in preparation for George W.Bush wars.. but is it possible that any government could execute such explosions and not fear the scandal..!?   Before talking about the Club Bilderberg , we leave you an image that illustrate what was written in the "Club Bilderberg" book, when "March 14" movement hawks in Lebanon tried to talk about an inland explosion as they were told to, but filming the crime scene "LIVE" proved that the explosion was done from above the ground, which was proved by the fragments which was directed from above to down... it is enough for the reader to see the hole and ask himself, how could a car bomb make this hole.. !??   The Club Bilderberg story..? After mentioning some of what was written in the "Club Bilderberg" book about the crimes committed by them, which are a lot, and mentioning some of the explosions, also there are many drug mafias run by this club... so we have to get to know this club which is named the "World Government"... So what is the story of "Club Bilderberg "??   The Club Bilderberg: is a world government, but it is not responsible against any people, and can change their presidents any hour they want, and if necessary, each week they could have a president, but they are the true leaders of the world behind the scenes, and they do not get changed... they can place a man like "Obama" which a Muslim background for their own reasons, and they can remove him in any minute ... Washington could be in Kosovo defending Muslims, and in Afghanistan fighting the fascist Islam according to Bush.. the club could run the world's biggest drug dealing business, specially in Afghanistan and Kosovo, and no one will ask them why... yes, the Club Bilderberg almost conquered the world, only if not have fell in Lebanon and then in Syria, and it almost changed 80% of the world population into homeless belligerents living on crumbs, as mentioned by the globalization theorists of the Bilderberg Club philosophers.   It is enough to control the economy and the media in order to rule a country and change its presidents any hour you want, or impose a new culture and change habits, and be able to direct the people to any place you want, so if you feel the danger over Husney Mubarak's regime, and want in the same time to encourage the Takfiri gangs against Algeria, specially by the Egyptians.. all you need to do is create the problems of the football fans so that the sport dispute could become a political case between Egypt and Algeria!!.. as the football events between Algeria and Egypt are one of the models of the Club Bilderberg work, as Egypt was on the brink of a real revolution, and Husney Mubarak started neglecting his commitments with Washington fearing of what's coming next, so there was the decision of removing him, and the football problems between Alger and Egypt are only another model of operations done by the Club Bilderberg to direct the public opinion, and stirring the Egyptian street to perform a military coup is only another model of the Club Bilderberg to get rid of Husney Mubarak's regime... But, as for the Club Bilderberg operations, they are not new, and from history, we can read their work as mentioned in the Club Bilderberg's history book, as for example, when the US civil Rights movement was in its peak, the country was under a hard shock and starting to recover from the savage assassination of president JFK, and in the capitol's streets, was the civil rights movement, lead by Dr.Martin Luther King.. The "Beatles" reached the USA in February 1964, and with the help of all kinds of drugs, Marijuana first, and then Lyser acid (LSD) which is a very effective seductive that changes the state of recognition (used in Syria later) , there was in the USA a new culture, new outfits and new behavior, so they can change the mood of the people and direct them and change their way of thinking and culture, so through a music band which sang in the streets, and dragged the youths to concerts and distributed drugs, they managed to change the movement of the street, like what happened in Egypt and Alger on the background of the football game... these are samples of the operations of controlling the public opinion and changing its interest for a period of time. Science, to destroy societies and control them. Going back to the Club Bilderberg book, the writer say: Aldous Huxley, grandchild of Thomas H. Huxley, founder of the X-Club, the well know biologist  who helped Charles Darwin in developing the theory of evolution , he was the high priest for the British opium war, yes, he is the science to control the people of the world. In 1937, Huxley moved to California, and worked as a scenario writer for "Warner Bros.", "MGM" and "Walt Disney" all due to one of the relationships he had in Los Angeles with "Jacob Zeitlin" . Yes, The largest part of Hollywood and the US media is a directive media, supervised by the world's senior psychologists to lead the world's people as sheep, and in Syria events, the Syrians monitored Al Jazeera model, and how it sneaks like the horse of Troy into people's minds and then start the destruction... Yes, between the media, the economy and the drugs, countries can be destroyed , and despite Yugoslavia's strength and power, yet it was divided into 8 small countries, and hundreds of thousands innocents of all sects had been killed, and Kosovo became one of the world's drug focal points, and the Club Bilderberg only lost his battle in southern Lebanon in 2006 and in Syria in 2011, and presently he is failing in Iraq and on the way of defeat in Afghanistan, and if not for it's fall in Syria and Lebanon, it would've conquered the world by now... and here i tell the reader: that Washington did not pay more than 3 Billion Dollars to steal the oil of Iraq which worth 500 Billion Dollars, but Iraq invasion was part of the domination over the energy supplies around the world to conquer it all.. so here is the US project and it's tyrant leaders fall in the Levant countries. Other models of the Bilderberg Club works. 1- Creating a suicidal: A small resistance cell, is a true cell... this cell will send supplies to another resistance cell, and the leader of the cell carries many interesting information, and videos to target US forces, that the media did not publish, and a man from this cell will drive a car that carries explosives and he has to park it in a public place, and when he arrives, he will push a certain button, and a man will come to him and take the cargo, but in case he was surrounded by US forces, he has to push another button, as this person resist the occupation, and ready for a suicidal mission, he arrives a public market where he draw no suspicion about him and not fall under any force, he feels happy and push a button that is supposed to bring resistance, yet instead, the booby-trapped car will explode and kill dozens of civilians, and not US soldiers, so he become one of Al Qaida suicidal and die without a will and without his knowledge... and instead of killing the invaders, he kills his own people and walk with the US demographic change project to the sectarian part. Yes, the Club Bilderberg is setting communist parties to hit the communist movement, and setting the Arab resistance in Lebanon to hit Hizbullah.. and as a paradox, the Arab resistance leader in Lebanon was arrested for working with Israel... they would set an Islamic movement in Gaza to hit Hamas and Jihad Islamic movements, and would set the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) to hit the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) which is against imperialism. What unite the parties and currents founded by the Bilderberg Club, is that they might not exist in reality, but on the internet they are in huge numbers than any other party, even larger than gathered countries,... For example, Burhan Ghalyoon, who do not represent in the Syrian street any opposition member, any loyalist, and neither his entire family... but on the internet he is stronger than the Syrian, Iranian, Russian and the Chinese media, as if he is a great country...and through my investigations, i found that Ghalyoon's loyalists and the former Arab resistance and the Liberation party and the US left-wing, are the same, and the locator could show them as in Gaza, while actually they are in Tel Aviv, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the USA.. but the majority are in Tel Aviv, as how many people could run 150 Israeli psychologists over the internet??? 2- In Syria, Obama is pictured as a Muslim who is willing to get rid of the Zion Lobby in Washington, and promise them that he will get rid of Hussney Mubarak, Ben Ali, Gaddafi and Assad, and will bring the area to pre-Sykes Picot agreement, and that later, the Christian and Muslim will allied against the Chinese who is almost conquering the world, and will have trained scholars and sheikhs to make up stories about prophet Muhammad, and form cells who would think they are fighting for Islam, while the truth is they will fighting for a project that aim to get rid of Islam once and for all... We mentioned earlier, the attempt of deporting and killing Daraa people, and the attempt to deport the Sunna from the Syrian coast , and most important is that reaching and commencing communications with these groups is impossible, as they are not affected by the media and do not even watch it, and they take their orders through the media so that they do not watch other media, yet even discussions with them could be impossible and fruitless as they have been under brainwash that is supervised by the world's senior psychologists ... so once the events start in Syria, these cells would become an Obama believer who was right and freed them from Hussney Mubarak and Ben Ali (With a military coup done by Washington allies), as their savior, and the Ottoman become their target, forgetting all the crimes the Ottoman had done to the area's people. It is mentioned that the first to announce the Ottomanship, is Hussney Mubarak's regime, and from Egypt, came the alleged Ottoman calls, and when Hussney Mubarak turned against the USA, the first he did was changing the school method, and considered the Ottoman period as an invasion one... many of the destructive cells in Syria still fight for Ottomanship and do not realize that they are only very small numbers in the US project, that fight for Islam... But actually they are part of a project to END the Islam,.  by "Kifah Nassr" (Juhaina News)  Translated by Janet Fakhoury

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