?What if the "Blue Jasmine" succeeded in 2006

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?What if the
jouhina news The Russian-Chinese VETO and the move of the Russian and Chines navy ships as a military VETO, cannot be understood unless we know the danger of the US project on humanity. In this appendix, what i will write is: If the US project succeed, what will happen? and what is the effect of the Zion defeat in Lebanon on the event followed that war?.. What will be written is  group of questions, and  i leave the reader to answer them, after we have a glimpse on the cold war. The cold war... It is not a secret that there is an unannounced cold war, and perhaps the race against time between the Russian Bulava missiles, and the US missile shield is part of this war, as what was untold about this war, the world did not see after the cold war between the socialist camp and the NATO.. For example, "Star Wars" did not exceed the attempt of pressing on the Soviet economy with a dummy Star War, while the Star War is present now, and it is real since Washington launched a military space aircraft that flew in space for several months, it was able hit any target in the world in half an hour, which called for China to drop a satellite in a strong message to the Star Wars waged by Washington. As for Russia, not only did she develop the space defense reaching the dissemination of new space defense system, and beginning to arm the Russian army with S500 system, yet she announced the development of space aircrafts that no information about them were leaked till this day, as well as the entry of many new Russian aircrafts to the service (+4, ++4 & 5) at the expense of the fourth generation aircrafts, so Washington deploying the  missile shield is a message, and the Russian response in building giant across-continent missiles launched by submarines, was a counter-message.. and later, Washington deploying its ships near Spain  within the missile shield system is a message, and Russia's experiments on the "RS-12M Topol" missile  is a counter-message... these messages can be summed by the vessels that visited the Mediterranean announcing a Russian/Chinese military VETO to protect Syria, So why Syria is that important, that reached the collision of fleets and raising the China's military tone with information about expanding the Chinese navy abilities in the Indian ocean in an unprecedented way, which previously, when the situation tensed between the two Koreas, revealed  a "Nuclear city" that forced USA to be silent and content with invocation. The fall of Syria and Lebanon.. What if the Blue Jasmine succeed in 2006? and Lebanon fall and Syria torn into small sectarian countries?.. When searching for answers for this question through the events that followed the invasion on Lebanon, we can understand the secrets of the Russian and Chinese VETO, which did not sustain its political form in the UNSC, yet became a military one signed by the Russian barges in the Mediterranean and the Chinese ones in the Indian ocean... So i will discuss only the year 2006, as the events that followed it until 2011 are all clear, and so the reader would know what will will follow the invasion on Syria, and i will leave the reader to understand the great game on his own during the period between 2006 and 2011 what are the events that the Zion defeat effected on during this period. The assumption:  In light of the sectarian tension as a result of terrorist acts done by the US occupation in Iraq, and in light of the hostility toward Islam in the west these days, the question is: what if Washington succeed in eliminating the resistance and inflame Beirut sectarian like, and implement the scenario that took place in 2011 in Syria after the war is over, and dividing Syria into fighting sectarian small countries , and the sectarian talk is the ruler in the region, which will include the Gulf and specially Bahrain and Qtef?? Here we begin narrating the events that followed the invasion on Lebanon, leaving the reader to search for repercussions of Lebanon war upon it, and when finish, take a look at the world's map and read the results if the all Washington's project succeeded, to take note, after July war and departing the southern people and eliminating the resistance, the scenario in Syria was supposed to start, and less than two years, Syria would be 6 small countries and Iraq 3 countries in 2008, i.e after inflaming a sectarian conflict in Syria at least for two years, which is the required period to extract gas from the Mediterranean and end the demographic change in Syria. Sudan: Dis Hizbullah's victory push China to raise the ceiling of confrontation with Washington, and supporting Sudan to host Chad rebels and move the conflict from Darfur into inside Chad near the capitol, until there was a compromise in 2010 that made the world forget that the Sudan president is wanted for the ICC, and Darfur region was calmed, knowing that Darfur region reached the peak of the fire back in 2008, but is the calmness of Darfur region and preventing the transfer of the south oil outside the north lands contributed in protecting Sudan from a new civil war? The gas to Europe: In the same year of the Hariri Assassination in Lebanon, there was the Orange revolution in Ukraine, and the colored revolution and the gas crisis occurred in 2008 and 2009, passing through the war of gas when the Russian gas was blocked from Europe for two weeks, if there was an alternative to this gas from the East Med and North Iraq gas, i.e two years after the war on Lebanon, could Moscow lose its influence in Central  Asia and the Russian economy retreat, which depends on the export of crude, yet it become on the verge of collapse and ignite Chechnya? Did the victory in Lebanon and Washington inability to control the Mediterranean gas , saved Russia and overthrown the Orange revolution later? as Israel defeat and the failure of the gas excavation projects in 2006 and 2008 was a reason to overthrow the Orange, and if the loss of the war in Lebanon led to start pumping gas in "Nord stream" , the defeat in Syria could mean later the start of installation and pumping gas in the "Southern stream", and the loss of Ukraine's mainstay of its economy, which is the trade of the Russian gas, will be forced to return later to the fold of Russia, to harvest what the Orange planted over several years. Georgia and Central Asia.. While Washington was unable provide gas to Europe through the Nabucco pipeline after the defeat in Lebanon, and the defeat of the US, was it the reason for the separation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and the entry of the Russian army to a place near Tbilisi during the Balkan war in 2008 and destroying the entire infrastructure of the Nabucco pipeline? Was the Balkan war a reason for signing contracts and strategic agreements between Russia and Azerbaijan, and between Iran and Turkmenistan and suppress the US influence in Central Asia? Belarus: Is the Israeli failure in Lebanon and not providing an alternative to the Russian gas, have pushed Germany to suppress the US intervention in Belarus to protects its imports of the Russian gas? and prevent the colored uprisings from reaching Belarus, and the Americans stop mentioning "Lukashenko" in every statement?, today, the Nord Stream is under construction, and Belarus is out of the US ambitions to control the energy crossings.  China: Did Hizbulla's victory strengthen the Chinese position? and thus US agents were unable ignite Chine in "Qing Yang" region in 2009, when Erdogan emerged as a defender of Muslims.. and did the victory of the resistance made the position of the resisting Islam in China a strong one in the face of extreme Takfiri Islam? and the Ethnic conflict in China did not develop.. What could have happened if those protests proke out accompanied with blocking the Chinese oil from Iran and Sudan and on the impact of the sectarian fires in the Middle East? Russia one more time: Did the victory in Lebanon participate in strengthening the resisting Islam in Russia? and enhanced the position of the Russian Islamic scholars? which made Moscow arrest hundreds of mercenaries, specially Arab and Afghan Arab who were waiting for the "Zoro" hour, and some of them are still present in Chechnya and Daghestan forests.. was the Russian Islam approach to support the real resistance in Palestine and not the blind terrorism that serves USA, a result for this victory? we leave it to the reader to look for it. Alger: Did the US defeat push Moscow to move the conflict from Alger to Tunis, Libya, Egypt and Italy? and made Washington instead of interfering in Alger issues, fight to preserve its existence in some countries like Tunis, Libya and Egypt? Even Kyrgyzstan: Has burning the US in Iraq and Afghanistan and the failure in Lebanon, reflected on its allies? and was it a reason in the overthrow of the Iris revolution in Kyrgyzstan in 2005? and Washington now paying 2 Billion Dollars for its base in Kyrgyzstan, and its influence in Central Asia dropped for the benefit of the Russian influence. Did Hizbulla victory strengthen the Russian position to overthrow Washington allies in Kyrgyzstan after the fear of the gas alternative to Russia's had gone? Syria: If not for the victory of Hizbulla, Would Washington have to postpone the project to hit Syria five years in advance? and allow it during this period to burn the US in Iraq along with its sectarian ordeal? and be alble to fight the US project in 2011 being this strong, and totally unraveling it with minimal losses? and by pass the sectarian tension planted by Washington in Iraq and the region.. Here i am confident that Syria faced the aggression strong, civilized and coherent, and we must not deny that president Bashar Al Assad obtained his popularity after the reform campaign between 2003 and 2006, as during this period, the most important causes of waste were stopped, and Syria paid most of its debt.. but the victory of the resistance remains the most important reason for the growing popularity of president Bashar Al Assad, not just in Syria, but in the Arab world as well. Unfortunately, we cannot talk about the US project with a number of lines, and we cannot explain the dimensions of the grand US defeat between 2006 and 2011, and i leave the reader to imagine these dimensions, and imagine the losses that US had to pay after the defeat in Lebanon. I am no exaggerating if i said that the implications of the defeat in Lebanon were global, but it is the truth if we look closely, and here i leave the reader to predict what will happen to the US after its defeat in Syria, and the US since end May was defeated in Syria and still insist on being stubborn, because the US knows that this defeat is the first Domino stone for the US defeats, as there is no hope for the US in Shiite small countries in the Island , therefore, what the US planted, the US will harvest, also in Yemen and maybe in Egypt, even in Turkey, as what awaits the US after the defeat in Syria is a series of defeats  similar to those followed the defeat in Lebanon, and we leave the days to uncover what was hidden. It is enough to revue the map with the names of already mentioned countries, to know that Washington project was to occupy the world, as Washington cannot subject Chine without controlling Iran and Sudan, and Russia cannot be toppled without hitting its economy by hitting its gas exports, For this reason USA have to occupy Lebanon and destroy Syria, and she cannot control the rest of the geopolitical passages without controlling Belarus, Alger, Syria, Ukraine and Afghanistan, so the entire world would become subordinate to its control. The US decided to occupy the world, and the world rebelled, and there was a multi-polar world, starting from Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa and the resistance axis (Syria and Iran), the ALBA in Latin America.. the world continue to change, and the US empire continue to deteriorate.. and some Arab countries remain insistent to drown with the US, and watch the world change.. and they do not change with it. Conclusion: Perhaps some would say that we are exaggerating, and some said that other people beat me to it and said some of what i have written, but the question remains, Could Chine use the VETO if lost its oil resources from Iran and Sudan? and could Russia use the VETO if lost the European market, and if the selling of gas needs a US approval, and its economy deteriorated from within? Perhaps they say this is exaggeration, but let us presume that Syria had fallen, and the export of gas to Europe from Egypt, Middle Asia and Northern Iraq began, and the Gulf raised its oil imports.. would the Russian economy deteriorate then? what is the volume of oil and gas export compared to the Russian budget? would Russia be able defend Alger and Belarus and others?, Would China dare raise the ceiling of confrontation with the US and defend Ian and Sudan? i leave the reader to imagine the dangers of the US project which will make the world's people as slaves to USA, after it becomes a one pole. Yes, after invading Afghanistan and Iraq, US allies won from southern Sudan to Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine, reaching to Lebanon and what was called the Cedar revolution, and Washington started the march to occupy the world, and when USA lost in Lebanon, its leaves started to fall all around the world, not just from Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan and Darfur region, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, yet it started started losing in Tunis, Egypt and Libya.. and i am confident that the result of the US loss in Syria will be disastrous to US allies, this is why Washington today fighting to the last breath, to the point that the US state department asked the armed men not to surrender and turn their weapons to the authorities. by Kefah Nssr - Jouhaina News.   Translated by Janet Fakhoury

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