The "Blue Jasmine" .. Full secrets .. Appendix 10 ... What is the aim from displacing the Sunna? .. And why the weapons and armed gangs were in this density in Homs?

الأربعاء, 18 كانون الثاني 2012 الساعة 12:11 | , Blue Jasmine

jouhina news The frustration of a project, makes it difficult to predict the results in case it was successful, thus when plans are exposed, there is someone that could predict its dangers, and other could say, it was not that dangerous.. knowing the results of a security operation the size of the Blue Jasmine operation, needs studying the customs and traditions and the political, security and demographic situation and a lot more, and the details of the situation.. for this reason, there are many who doubt the dangers of the US project, thinking  that even if it succeeded, it couldn't burn Syria... For this reason, we have to illustrate more about this point, and mention live examples, and refocus on some points. Who ever thought that the results of the assassination of Rafiq Al Hariri, would be the ouster of the Syrian forces from Lebanon and the dismissal of the leaders of the security forces in Lebanon, and leaving an entire country in a security void, and topple its regime.. Maybe someone will say, Hariri had an international weight (maybe more important than JFK, King Faisal and Benazir Bhutto), for this reason, i will not talk about Hariri, but about a student, his death almost ignited a certain area, as the crime of killing could create revenge, in case it was a crime, but when it is among a conspiracy, it will change history, geography and demography. Displacement.. Model of sedition..? Here we ask: Is it really possible displace a certain sect (similar to what Washington did in Yugoslavia, Iraq and other places)?.. Yes it is possible, and this already happened in Syria, and in the same tools and means!?.. Here we are talking about the forbidden, that talking about it became a necessity, as it threats everybody, not just certain people. Years from now, not far away, a Bedouin comes to Sweida from his expatriate in Saudi Arabia, with large amounts of money and an expensive car, claiming his running for the people's assembly, the man start a tour in the Bedouin residences, helped by a bunch of Saudi people and some of those he recruited, and during his visit, he announce his program (We will displace Druze from the mountain, chase them and kill them), then he armed a group of people, and after a while they started raiding the farmers orchards, they even threw a bomb in one of the orchards, and killed a student... i repeat... they killed a student not a prime minister. The was the discord, due to congestion caused by the accumulation of aggression over the implants, there were some also who participated in stirring the reactions, as one person among a group is enough to stir the reaction..  and actually, they started burning houses, when the school student revolted (note, they are teenage students) when the students went demanding revenge for their school mate, the parents (specially the parents of the revolted students) could not stay out of the battle... and part of what Syria had lived, is teenagers dragging their parents to the conflict, and part of what happened, is that a third party killing teenagers and youths to drag their families to the conflict (please note the psychological dimension in the process of stirring demonstrations or strike by instigating teenagers to drag their families and parents). There was the discord, and within two days, not one Bedouin remain in Al Arab mountain, as who instigated them and inflamed the war with the conflict began (retreat and flee and took away the weapons, similar to what could've happened in Daraa and the coast when the discord happen), it is mentioned that a third party in that time planted discord between the army and the people, similar to what is happening today, even though in those days, Abdul Halim Khaddam who is a part of the game, was a part of the authority, and through some officials, he covered the crime, to drag the people to an ordeal with the army. But what uncovered the plot, is Alarabiya announcing the news (Druze are burning mosques in Sweida).. the news reached the protesters, who know that it is not true, and the mosques were monitored, and three people were caught trying burn one of "Reha" mosques, the leadership sent a delegation that investigated the matter and figured the plot through Alarabiya, the people discovered that what happened was a discord project and has nothing to do with the Bedouins... and the role of the expatriate in the plot was revealed and the matter was settled in the third day, but not one Bedouin would have remained in their houses, if the country did not compensate each citizen and paint their burnt houses, and the grudge was removed from the hearts when the plot uncovered.. without curbing the discord, the Bedouin people would not have returned to their houses, and during that day, it was mentioned that among the weapons that were used to ignite the discord, Israeli bombs were found, one of those bombs was used against one of the farmers upon attacking his orchard. Yes, within only three days, the Sunni Bedouin were displaced, and if not the protesters arrested those who wanted to burn the mosque, and if the mosque was set on fire, the discord would've expanded, and not one Sunni Muslim would've remained in Sweida... and during two days, hundreds of wounded people fell and some martyrs... in the same way, the Sunni people would've been displaced from Daraa and the coast in precise. For your info, who planted the discord and armed the gangs and instigated when the discord happened, ran away, and there is no conviction on him, and he cannot be suited unless proved guilty, as he planted discord and ran away, leaving the people for their destiny. Wounded Homs..! For this reason only, we find that Homs is the only place that had hundreds, yet thousands of not-Syrian fighters, and had strategic weapons supplying roads, tunnels had been discovered dug since the days of Abdul Halim Khaddam, which prove what we already said about the boarders of a besieged Sunni small country that include Damascus, Homs and part of Northern Lebanon, that it boarders end in Al Rastan, so that the boarders of an Ismaili small country start,t hat the Turks would stand at if the plan to occupy and divide Syria succeeded, for this reason, the weapons in Hama (were there are supporters to the MBs) were limited, and were smuggled to it after the failure of the Blue Jasmine, and for this reason as well, the MBs did not move unless after the the failure of the Blue Jasmine completely. Questions..? So no one would accuse me about talking of the so called "Conspiracy Theory", let's have a look at this: - In Jableh exclusevly, were the Sunna are in few numbers, is it possible that teenagers demonstrate and raise the slogan (Alawit to the grave, and Christians to Beirut) is it suicide or trying to instigate the majority to attack the minority? is this slogan rational and said by a wise man? or who did this is not from this area?, and why were they masked? is it because they are not Syrians and entered the area to plant discord? - When the army entered Daraa, and settled there, was sending about 300-400 fighters to the officers residence a normal thing? or is it natural for a revolution to send them to liberate the city if they want to have an Islamic emirate as told by their leaders in Saudi Arabia?.. could the siege of the army in Daraa and attacking the officers residence lead to destroying the city, and the start of the army deterioration and turning it into armed gangs? could any reader consider himself as besieged officer living a real battle with light weapons, and receive the news about an attack on his home, will he start using heavy weapons and start destroying the city with tanks, revolting against his leadership? here i remind the reader with the importance of sending army units by the leadership, their residence places outside Daraa. - Is fabricating dates and insulting Sultan Basha Al Atrash who lead the Syrian revolution in 1925 before the berth of president Bashar Al Assad and before Hafez Al Assad become an officer, is it a normal thing in the revolution for freedom or in building an emirate? president Assad is accused for fabricating history, why the operation order came from Maamoun Al Homsi on Alarabiya, the one who started the insult and fabricating date... isn't this a conspiracy that target the people?? - Killing Nidal Jannoud, and allawi, is it a normal thing? and sending photos and videos to the internet that include images for criminals, is it normal? is there a criminal that publish the images of his crimes over the internet? - Attacking buses near Jdaidet Artoz, is it normal? - Burning justice houses, is it normal? Washington do not separate between its victims sects..! If the US project was a danger to all humanity as it will leave 80% of the planet's people in long term dispute, and every body will have to resist it, thus the project to fragment Syria is a danger to every Syrian, no matter what his sect or position, and thus the US projects are very clear, unfortunately there are some who see in only one eye.. Washington when claimed defending Islam in Kosovo, she left them displaced after dividing Yugoslavia, and when she decided to attack Islam in Iraq and Afghanistan, she did not leave neither a Muslin nor a Christian out side the target circle, because the US companies' religion is money, and do not separate between its victims sects..  by Kefah Nssr - Jouhaina NEws  Translated by Janet Fakhoury

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