The "Blue Jasmine" ... Full secrets... Part 8

الإثنين, 16 كانون الثاني 2012 الساعة 17:00 | , Blue Jasmine

 jouhina news: With the failure of the 'Blue Jasmine" in 2006 and 2011, USA moved to a new phase of attacking Syria.. which is the axis of part 8. The failure of the "Blue Jasmine" in 2006.. Until the last day of July war, Washington was ready to march with the new "Blue Jasmine" plan, but after halting the war, something happened, that the Americans and Israelis could never expect, which is the return of the people to the south, to stay on the ruins of their houses  and between the cluster bombs.. there was US last dream, deteriorating in the march for the Blue Jasmine in 2006, we can locate the reasons of the failure in these points: 1- Hizbulla took precautionary measures, and sent large numbers of refugees to Syria, when Beirut schools closed their doors in their faces. 2- Resistance allies realized the ordeal plot in Beirut and rushed to contain the refugees, the most prominent was General "Micheal awn" asking his allies to shelter the refugees in their houses, and all the resistance allies contributed int his, and blocked the road in front of all who wants to plant the ordeal. 3- Hassan Nasralla's speeches, which turned each move for the resistance to a public wedding in the Arab world, which removed the Sunni-Shiite congestion made by Washington during many years, therefore, completely devastated the ordeal project, on the scale of the Arab world. 4- The land entrance to southern Lebanon, turned into a Merkava massacre, and the project was killed with a stab in the heart, and a change of equation which broke the Zion army legend. 5- The return of the refugees, whom Hassan Nasralla said about them that they are the most noble and dearest people, amazed the enemy before it amazed the friend, as who would've thought that the father will bring his children back to field's of cluster bombs, and sits over the ruins of his house. 6- The political negotiator policy, in precise "Nabih Berri" , managed to withdrw the allegations from "Saniora" government, and placed him in offense post, specially when he resembled his government as similar to the resistance government, in order to prevent any sectarian congestion, which publicly imbarissed "Saniora", but later, "Saniora" invested it when the July war scandals began to manifest, when his only weapon was "Nabih Berri" word. 7- Hizbulla covering "Saniora" government's actions during the war, specially confiscating a missile truck and blocking the food and medicine aids from the refugees, therefore, preventing the sectarian congestion escalation. 8- A wide Arab and public sympathy which prevented Arab princes and official's speeches from taking a sectarian shift, even the clergy men who prevented donating to the resistance, did not receive any response from it. .. yet the response came from the Arab people, therefore, the instigation against the resistance turned into instigation against Washington's allies on the fall of the resistance missiles which inflamed the Arab street, and brought back the Palestinian case to the front of the struggle. Avenging the fall of the "Blue Jasmine".. Washington realized that her project had fell completely, so she decided to execute the final operation, hoping to free her top agents, and perhaps the Syrian intelligent foreseen this, and placed the bate for them.. the cat ate that bate and fell dead... so how did Washington try? and how did she take the slap? This is the axis of the part 8.. The story began with a clip showing security men standing on a citizen, followed by an Iraqi person claiming that this movie happened in Iraq... Addounia TV said then: this movie happened in Iraq and not in Banias... it was only days until the citizen from the clip showed up in a filmed clip on the internet, saying: "I am Ahmad Bayasi, and the security men stood on my in Al Baydaa village of Banias.. and this movie was in Baydaa village".. and with a huge media campaign done by Al Jazeera, Al Arabyia, BBC and France 24.. the US intelligence planned to assassinate the young man after torturing him, in order to accuse the Syrian security officers with him and drag them to the ICC, hoping for a swap between NATO agents in Syria and the major Syrian security officers.. a monitoring team and another ones for torture and killing were created, and another one for withdraw the killers from Syria... then a media team. Indeed, the mission began.. the Saudi "Muhammad Al Zuhuri" (the operation leader) entrusted the operations of the kidnapping, torturing and assassinating teams inside Syria to a group of professional killers, lead  by a Jordanian intelligence leader named "Hassan Bibros", who entered Syria as a tourist along with his wife and kids (who are hired people)... the observatory team informed that Ahmad Bayase is located in his village, where agents of the Saudi intelligence were monitoring him in order to send the kidnapping team there... all of them gathered in a safe place in the same village of Al Baydaa, then they informed "Muhammad Al Zuhuri" with their arrival and the beginning of the mission, who in turn, informed the media team leader "Okab Saker" who got ready for the biggest media propaganda ever happened in a fraud case. A final phone call happened between "Hassan Bibros" and his team in Al Bayadaa village and "Muhammad Al Zuhuri" who was in Beirut, informing him that the mission is successful.. but, did the mission happen? or did Bibros talk while the Syrian intelligence surrounding him? Zuhuri informed Okab Saker to start the media campaign.. and indeed, the news channels started spreading the news accompanied with a huge media campaign lead by Al Jazeera, Alarabiya, BBC and France 24.. and created hundreds of pages on Facebook under the name of "We are all Ahmad Bayase", Al Jazeera even said that she obtained info from within the military intelligence branch number 235, and who killed Bayasse are the Counterintelligence chief in Damascus and the Syrian intelligence chief.. not the regime... neither the investigators. All that lasted for hours, which allowed the security forces through an ambush, to set the security rescue team up, which is a second  intelligence team subordinate to the "Zuhuri" people inside Syria, that insures the security and exit of the assassination team members. After the bias media rejoiced for several hours, and the delay of the security rescue team in coming back.. all the sudden, the Syrian TV airing an interview with Ahmad Bayase, in a clear declaration of the failure of the avenging of the Blue Jasmine . Phase 2 of the invasion on Syria... The alternative plan.. Israel moves the MBs to insure a cover for the Turkish army entrance. After the failure of the July invasion, and the lack of alternatives, the 2011 invasion was set with an alternative in case it was doomed to failure, which is opening a gap on the Syrian-Turkish boarders which will become a pressure paper on Syria to blackmail it politically after the plan to burn and divide Syria was failed... the plan was to burn Hama and Jisr Al Shughur, with focus on Hama, then sending armed gangs to occupy Jisr Al Shughur... Syrian military units would enter to free the city, so the Turkish army would interfere to "allegedly" protect civilians, and therefore opening a gap for a buffer zone, and a transitional council would be formed which will be recognized by Europe, USA and the Arab countries.. and they will start blackmailing Damascus, either submission or the continuance of terrorism acts in the north.. the US aim of burning and destroying Syria, shifted to forcing her to sign a peace treaty with Israel on Palestine's account, and involving the MBs int he government as a guardianship for Washington on the work of the government, plus extending the presence of the US troops in Iraq and Libya and Yemen files... indeed, the work on the ground began. The attack started with clashes with police and security men in Jisr Al Shughur, and the killing of more than 80 police men which Syria was not successful in saving them, as about 40 police men died along with support forces on the city entrance in an armed ambush... and a helicopter was hit, trying to save the security men, as 400 armed men completely occupied the city.. in the same day, Erdogan started building camps along the boarders, and sending military units.. Qatar sent Al Jazeera to monitor the civilians fleeing from the street wars between the army and armed gangs, but the army did not enter!!! ... as the armed men were exhausted, as everyday they thought the army would enter the city.. but they didn't... and everyday more communications were done... but all the sudden, a breaking news showed up on Syrian TV saying "the Syrian Arab army purging the national hospital in Jisr Al Shughur from armed men", the message aimed for Turkey and who's behind it, as all the terrorist group's leaders were arrested in a quality mission, and they will begin in defusing the explosive cans and the people will not flee... With Erdogan's failure and defeat, yet he ordered his troops to enter Syria in allegation of saving civilians, but his forces were surprised to see the Syrian army all over the boarders, as suddenly, the boarders are not empty, so the Turkish army asked for a war order, and the project failed, as they cannot enter in allegation to save civilians. The armed groups fell, and the Syrian army started purging the city along with 25 media channels, instead of Al Jazeera accompanying the Turkish army.. so the armed action was moved to Hama, when the city witnessed a complete strike as the armed groups occupied it, backed by Turkey, killing security officers and dumping their bodies in Orontes river, so Davutoglu requested a meeting with the Syrian command, aiming for negotiations about Hama, but Syria responded in postponing the meeting three days, but when Davutoglu came, Hama was living a normal life, as the Syrian army entered it, arrested the armed men and went out... media sources said that Erdogan asked president Assad to involve the MBs in the government in exchange of halting the aggression against Syria, but is it possible for that who lost the war to present his terms??!!... this is the irony that did not happen: Syria do not negotiate its inner status. The third phase of the invasion on Syria... Qatar hits on it's chest.. When the demands reduced, the dreams lowered, and instead of occupying Jisr Al Shughur, Qatar decided to recognize a National Council even if in a village or 100M inside the boarders, and insure an Arab recognition to it... they began pressuring on USA allies with their scandals, as they declared a new set of wikileaks documents, the set up began in mid Ramadan, as Al Jazeera and Alarabiya performed a public trial through spreading rumors about demonstrations filling the streets in Damascus, and the AL performing a trial and issuing a declaration that is not previously agreed upon... and in mid Ramadan, they started preparing what is called "the transitional council" similar to the Libyan one, and a military council which elected lieutenant "Hussein Harmoush" to lead it, the council was announced about, even before forming it... it was only days until they imposed the council which at the beginning most of it's members denounced it... and in Qatar, the prince will perform escalating statements as Nabil Al Arabi will visit Syria.. The so called military council would occupy a small area which the public opinion was already prepared for it, as some Gulf countries withdraw their ambassadors from Damascus (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar) followed by fiery statement bu Saudi king and Azhar Sheikh, and others from Tunis... most of the statements which was launched before the "Zero hour" ... and before the "Zero hour" the Syrian side leaked the details of the "Zero hour", yet even exaggerated hugely, as they mentioned that stooping the Syrian satellite channels will be in this period as a message to Qatar, advising him not to take the adventure.. yet he insisted on taking it, as the Qatari prince announced that the protests in Syria will not stop until Syria submit to the demands... a declaration on Syrian TV was aired with news of broadcasting "Hussein Harmoush" confessions which left many questions... here's when Washington and her tools, realized that play time is over, and started changing all their strategies accompanied by changing the US demands. The new phase features.. We cannot assert that the invasion on Syria ended with the announcement of postponing the Nubuku gas line till 2017, but the features of a new phase had emerged: 1- Removing "Waddah Khanfar" from running Al Jazeera channel, and what that represent from the MBs extension. 2- Closing and stopping the broadcast of "Al Safa" extremest channel in this period, as they shut up "Arour" and brought up "Ghalyoun" 3- Naming one of the Fridays with "Our Damascus and Yemen" in an indication that brings to minds the Bahrain FM when his capitol was inflaming, as he said in Damascus: "I came to discuss the Yemeni and Libyan files", as apparently there were pressures on Damascus to yield some flaming Arab cases, which was synchronized with the return of "Ali Abdulla Saleh" and the return of negotiations about the Gulf initiative to solve the crisis in Yemen. 4- As of August 2011, the situation in Afghanistan escalated, in an indicator of Damascus and her allies shifting from defense to offense. 5- Turkey shifted to declaring aggression against Syria and waving military maneuvers over the Syrian boarders, When earlier they sent warships to the Mediterranean. 6- resolving the formed councils and creating a new council under the name of the SNC (Syrian National Council). 7- A western escalation against turkey, did not start with US siding with Cyprus in the gas struggle, and will not end with Sarkuzi's statements about the Massacres of Armenians. 8- Cyprus started excavating for gas. 9- Greece PM announced Qatari investments in Greece, and Qatar buying a Portuguese bank, which are the countries that form a weak point of the European economy, which if fell this time, Washington will have to cancel the Nubuku gas line, and a French company will have to sign the "South Stream" contract which is almost becoming real, while the "Nord Stream" project already started. 10- The beginning of assassination wave in Syria, as a type of change of tactics and keeping the tension presnet. 11- The return of sectarian escalation to the Egyptian street. 12- The return of targeting the US forces in Iraq. 13- Starting to target Iran through the media, with the attempt of assassinating the Saudi ambassador in Washington. 14- The appearance of what is called the Arab initiative, which only express a "stay in place" phase in order to continue with the political pressure when all the other options failed, and the Syrian street started to calm. So we can say: the New Middle East project had been postponed to an unknown date, and the first target now is obtaining gas, and Qatar investing in Greece and buying the Portuguese bank is only an attempt to keep the EU stable and present until the gas problem is solved, as the EU breakdown in this phase, will give Russia and China a space to enter those countries solely, and start isolating the French influence, and since Washington was unable convince Bellarus, Germany remained uninfluenced with the gas extensions, and the execution of the "Nord Stream" gas line which connect it to Russia, which makes of Germany a new possible partner for Russia which might break up with Washington in case the EU broke down int his phase... by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina news. Translated by Janet Fakhoury

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