The "Blue Jasmine".. Full secrets .. Appendix 7 ... "Fuhaida's wedding" war..

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jouhina news Fuhaida's wedding is a name for a war related to a Saudi girl from Al-Jawf area called "Fuhaida" that we talked about earlier, as the US dug it out from history to bring back the story to the minds... i had no info about Fuhaida's wedding before, but i did gather all the data about it, as i mentioned all the data i got in the 7th part of the Blue Jasmine series, but we cannot understand the dimensions of the operation unless we understand the historic story which was supposed to be part of the sectarian war in Syria, and promoting Erdogan as an Islamic conqueror over the Syrian blood, so i will publish it in this appendix with details of the operation that was planned for to be the gate to inflame Syria by killing thousands of Syrians.  The Historical story of Fuhaida wedding... Ahmad Al Joufi eloped with his lover Fuhaida of Al Jouf area in Saudi Arabia, and he was known as Al Joufi due to Al Jouf area, they married secretly in Horan flats "Daraa" and asked safety from Horan mountain people "Sweida", and as his marriage to Fuhaida was legitimate, he was granted security, and became to Sweida people as a visitor, and his protections is a duty... he and Fuhaida lived in one of the rebelled villages against the feudalism sheikhs in Al Arab mountain, you can check that in many books that talk about the vernacular revolution in Horan mountain "Al Arab mountain presently". Note: During the Ottoman rule, there was a feudalism rule similar to most of the world's countries, and each village had her sheikh, and the peasant do not own in his farm and house but the house door, as he works in the field, while quarter the income goes to the sheikh who in turn pays tax to the Ottoman... this was present all over Syria, and the sheikhs were agents to the Turks while the peasants look for their freedom from the sheikh slavery, the sheikh who if told the peasant go, he must take his house door and look for another sheikh, and because a rebel took place in Al Arab mountain, the Turkish army had to be sent there to impose their dominion again and bring things back to what it was, as the Turkish army was sent to the army about five times until the vernacular leaders were killed in 1897, and the Turkish army entered then, but when they entered they helped the peasants and distributed the lands on them, so later was a revolution for the sheikhs, but the Turkish army's attempts to enter was being invested by the sectarian factor so that the rebel do not move to other places, and Fuhaida's wedding details indicate that it was not a sectarian war, but the Turks tried to make it as one. Ahmad Al Joufi (Muslim Sunni) lived in Horan mountain between the Tawhidis and Druze, as he insured that no one from his clan will hunt him, so he worked day and night in Horan flats, then he went to work with his wife in one of Daraa sheikhs lands, but his wife Fuhaida who eloped with him, ran away with the sheikh who she used to work for, and instigated the sheikh on killing Ahmad Al Joufi in fear that he might send news to her clan about her place... this was about to create a revenge between Daraa people and Sweida people, so a "Messenger" was sent back then to Ahmad Al Joufi from his runaway wife, saying tat she ran to protect his life and he has to come at night so she can run with him,,, but Al Joufi's protector feared that Ahmad might be killed, so he sent two men with him to protect him as he is a "visitor", and indeed, shooting occurred and a man from Daraa was killed, and there was a revenge, blood for blood until there is a truce, so a man was killed in his return, and others as well... and the Turks came, and instead of making a truce, the blood was invested to justify the return of the army to the Horan mountain, hoping to eliminate the peasants rebellion...  so there was what is known in history as the war of Fuhaida wedding , and from the indicators that this war was not sectarian: 1- Horan mountain sheikhs and Horan flats sheikhs were in the Turkish leader's tent during the battle. 2- The feudalism sheikhs in Horan mountain hid the news about the battle from the rest of the mountain to not have the support, but who delivered the news?, among the six sheikhs, one mutinied and fought next to the peasants after captivating some women, and he is sheikh "Ibrahim Abu Fakher", while the rest of the sheikhs were with the Turks (same as Walid Junblat who today is singing away from the flock). 3- Who delivered the news to the rest of the mountain and provided the support for the Turkish army defeat, was a Muslim Sunni woman, a Bedouin who used to live in one of the sheikhs palaces. 4- One of Daraa's free women buried the hand of the rebel leader in front of the Turkish army, after a Turkish woman tried to burn her with the wood while she was making bread for the soldiers, so Horan girl took the hand and buried it... Al Arab mountains people pass this free woman's saying "this hand fed the hungry", which proves that the peasants were eager to rebel against the feudalism rule. 5- The peasants interests in Daraa and Sweida were one, similar to the sheikhs interests with the Turks. 6- It was not the final war in the mountain, yet it was followed by many wars, the latest was Shahba war, when the Turkish army was defeated and his leader flee, but the mountain sheikhs sent him the news about the killing of all the vernacular revolution leaders, so that he enter the mountain, after he though that he lost the battle. 7- When the Turks entered after Shahba war in 1897, there was a reform process in Turkey similar to Europe, and lands were distributed on the peasants through "land certificate" so there will be a tax over the land in fear of the peasants mutiny, and then started the sheikhs revolution that caused them to lose their feudalism thrones. The wedding operation.. After we shed a light at Fuhaida's wedding war which was going to be invested to promote the Turks as an Islamic conqueror, and as an entrance for a sectarian war the will tare Syria, and tare the Syrian Arab army, to the Israelis will enter, as justification for the Turkish entrance as a Damascus conqueror... no we take a look at the US plan which did not study the geography and demography, but studied the history and looked for stories within it... So how was the wedding operation, which its story happened yesterday and the Turks tried to invest it to keep occupying the land, and the US today tried to invest it to tare Syria in preparation to occupy it. The operation order was supposed to be sent through Alarabiya news channel to Daraa, by insulting national symbols in Al Arab mountain, and most important, abusing the honor, then a gang would perform a kidnap and rape mission, here the Arab mountain will be like a volcano of anger, and later another gang would attack civilians in Busra Al Harir in Daraa and kill hundreds in savage ways along with a declaration on the internet that it is a revenge for honor, then will be followed by an armed group's attack on the villages of Duera and Qrasa then reaching Najran.. and after killing thousands of Syrians in Horan mountain and flats, the weapons will be taken from Horan and will be consumed in confrontations against the army and the sectarian killings, so the gang leaders will withdraw from Daraa ad leave the rest of the people under the mercy of revenge acts, while the bias media and specially Al Jazeera which was supposed to recover this operation through a constant media broadcast that accompany the Turks entry to the Syrian north .. Al Jazeera was support to recover Fuhaida wedding war as the way Washington wanted, in its sectarian color, and not the real story, which promote the Turks. With the escalation of sectarian violence and the fall of the Syrian army, and the entry of the Israelis to southern Syria, the Turks will enter with cheers, and Erdogan will be the new "Salahuldeen" but he will stop before Hama, as he will not go further, which is his share of Syria, as in the end it is an oil and gas war and not a new Ottomanship... stupid who would think that the west who created Israel in fear of an Arab country instead of the Ottoman one, would fight today to bring back the Ottomanship, while the entire project aimed for sectarian division to prevent any outside influence, after ending the Palestinian case. Information approach results with what happened in reality.. What was leaked to me was the operation and not the details, and all what happened in reality confirms the correctness of the received information, and i have given before information that i obtained from the mountain, as the insult to a national symbol in Al Arab mountain did happen, and the target was the great revolution leader "Sultan Basha Al Atrash", and two mini buses that carry female teachers were about to be hijacked indeed, as one of the teachers said that the attackers were not confirmed if Syrians, and she suspect they were Jordanians, and the weapon specialized for this mission was confiscated before it was used, and it was between Sweida and Daraa in an olive squeezing place... but the important thing remains that the main reasons for the US project failure are: 1-  The amnesty on any armed ma who would turn himself in to the authorities. 2- the speeding of the decisiveness by the Syrian army, and the failure of the invoking the army, as the units that entered has not residence for them in Daraa. 3-  The popular awareness, as it turned out that after the insult which was directed to Sultan Basha Al Atrash, many communications took place between Sweida and Daraa elders, and the people realized that what's happening aim for a civil war, specially after the attempt to kidnap the teachers. Therefore, the people and the leadership and the army were the fortress that protected Syria from division, and the fall of hundreds of thousands of civilians .. The tools on the ground.. The tools did not appear in Sweida, and not all the tools were disclosed in Daraa, but what i was unable obtain are the tools which was going to be used on the ground in Sweida, and i have mentioned earlier that Walis Junblat was part of the project and the other parts are tools trained in the USA, and a third part trained in Saudi Arabia, but due to the people in Daraa, and the army's abilities  and the leadership wisdom, the project was buried before it was born and the operations did not go beyond Daraa's boarders. Today, what is asked of every citizen is to recover the message of Sultan Basha Al Atrash to Syrians elders in reaction to dividing Syria by the French as he said at the beginning of the message (the religion is for God, and the homeland is for all)... it is the duty of each Syrian to fight any divisional project, as the division do not hurt a portion of the people, yet later it will get all the Arabs, and they will become captives of history.   by Kifah Nassr, Jouhaina NEws..  Translated by Janet Fakhoury

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